Chuck Audette

Rookie - 59 Points (Poetry Hell, Vermont)

Chuck Audette Poems

81. Coprophagous (A Gross Little Ditty) 2/28/2006
82. Just Desserts And Final Judgement 5/25/2006
83. Final Wishes 5/4/2005
84. Dark Science With A Light Meter 1/2/2006
85. Nude Beach Rookie 8/9/2005
86. When You'Re Least Expecting... 4/28/2006
87. Em-Barking On A New Love 9/22/2006
88. Modern Day Robinson Crusoe 8/11/2006
89. On Aging... (Just A Few Lines) 8/15/2007
90. Lap Of Luxury 3/6/2006
91. My House Was Robbed By A Monkey 9/15/2009
92. Hire And Fire 4/11/2006
93. I'M Sorry I Saw Your Boob 7/8/2008
94. An Ode To Motherly Knowledge 11/7/2007
95. The Hunt For Red October 4/21/2006
96. Things To Not Do When Bored 8/7/2006
97. Broken Keyboard 5/25/2006
98. My Fellow Homicide Detective And I At The Crime Scene 5/25/2006
99. Brewed Awakening 4/1/2005
100. Children And Their Sense Of Timing 7/17/2006
101. On Writing Poems In The Bathroom Stall 3/27/2006
102. Sinusitis (It's All In My Head) 1/31/2007
103. Concrete Poem #2: Head On. Does This Commercial Make You Want To Kill Yourself? 9/23/2006
104. The Tale Of The Missionary And The Cannibals 8/7/2006
105. Multitalented 6/9/2005
106. Swatted - A Sad Tale Of Interspecies Love 4/4/2005
107. Concrete Poem #1: 'soup' (A Tribute To Reinhard Döhl) 4/14/2006
108. Ode To A Rotten Banana (A Poem Destined For The Mulch Pile) 4/2/2007
109. Coming To My Senses... 10/7/2005
110. You 10/7/2005
111. First Dates And Coffee Shops 4/17/2006
112. The Bible Manual To Making Weapons Of Mass Destruction 5/25/2007
113. Da Vinci Painting The Mona Lisa 2/23/2006
114. The Fisherman's Death 3/13/2006
115. Spoonerism Picnic 12/30/2005
116. The Bride Of Frankenstein (Aka Creating A Woman) 11/8/2005
117. The Bacon Tree 6/2/2006
118. Cosmic Accident? 4/7/2005
119. Beach Cleanup 9/23/2006
120. An Ode To Hot Coffee And Dictionaries 4/17/2006

Comments about Chuck Audette

  • Brian (5/6/2019 9:25:00 AM)

    Thank you for making a grey, rainy day greyer. True crime and poetry waltz well with you beating time. But what'd time do to deserve it?

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  • Meg smeed (5/29/2018 9:34:00 AM)

    I am so Sorry for that comment my friend made. I love your poem.

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  • gogo 22558 (5/29/2018 9:30:00 AM)

    how does that relate to poetry all your talking about is mr audets is great at poetry, the guys probably a frod, do you even take the time to listen what the guys talking about? I will bet that if you look up one of his poems it will come up withe some one else then grade 1 frog. find a different poet to fall for. I am sorry for my chose of words but find someone else.

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  • Cj Heck Cj Heck (8/5/2009 1:20:00 PM)

    Rarely does one come across a poet who has the uncanny ability to say so much in so few lines. When I need a smile, or a chance to think... I come and read Mr. Audet's work. He's a genius with brilliant ideas that seem to effortlessly flow through his fingers onto the keyboard to grace our computer screens. I bow to his talent...
    Warmest regards and respect,
    CJ Heck

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  • R H (10/18/2006 7:20:00 AM)

    Contrary to his modest biography, Chuck Audette's superior wordsmithing places him in a league of his own. He has a flair, wit and imagination that combine to make him one of the most original writers I have come across. His wordplay is second to none - sometimes so subtle that the reader may not fully appreciate his lexical gymnastics on first reading. He is the master of brevity, an unashamed rhymer and a respected commentator here at PH. His poetry has fast become an indulgence of mine and judging by the other comments I have read on his work, I know I am not alone. So, keep them coming Chuck - you know you're good...! Justine.

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  • Emily Courtney (10/10/2006 2:46:00 AM)

    Wow, the plethora of pomes you have here is very reminiscent of being in a candy shop or talking to a drug dealer… so many great options. I love them all good thing you can overdoes on poetry. You must have one hell of a muse!

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  • Esther Leclerc (3/28/2006 8:51:00 AM)

    I thought about listing my favorite (so far) poems by Chuck, but then this whole comment would be one groaning LIST... Chuck is a real writer, one who thinks and knows and feels. What I mean is, he has the skills and he uses them; but he also has a true gift which he doesn't squander, the mark of a true artist... Much of his poetry flows so well, it seems effortless; but I suspect there is actual work involved. I hope there is - - if not, he's another poet/that's got my go-at! ... Keep on keeping on, C. C. Writer. And mind the size of your head 'cause if anyone's got a right to a size 42 hat, it's YOU! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Your grateful, laughing pal - - Est: ]

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Best Poem of Chuck Audette

A Tall Tale

To the heavens they would rise
my yarns, excuses, alibis.
Such tall tales I could tell
and all constructed very well
I built them grand and I kept them neat
enjoying life in the penthouse suite
so imagine my surprise
when I tripped on one small lie
I bumbled,
I stumbled
and over the edge I tumbled
flailing past my fabled glories
I've fallen now - 100 stories!
I think at that, a reader laughed
and gave me a nice updraft!
I need another, very fast!
the distance to the truth now halved!
I sense a smile.. and there - a grin! ...

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Hard Lesson

a winter pond, so my love asks
my skating skills up to the task?
just frozen water, so I laugh
sheeted ice, subservient glass
pirouetting knowledge
paid tuition at Nature's college
a hard lesson to you I pass
truth IS a pain in the ass

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