The Moth Joke Song Poem by Chuck Audette

The Moth Joke Song

Rating: 4.9

I told the man
'I think I am...
I think I am a moth'.
He looked me up and down
and quite politely coughed.
And then he laughed and said to me
'watcha tellin me that, for?
can't you see
dat dis here be
just a grocery store?
You need to go to the hospital
dat's were you might belong'
'I know' I said, and scratched my head
'but I saw your light was on! '

I went to see a shrink
he finds my claim fictitious
but secretly, I think
his suit looks quite delicious.
I told him I was a bookworm
earlier in my life
and what happened when I confessed
to the woman who was my wife.
She thought it was the absurdist
thing she'd ever heard
but when I finally left her
I left her without a word

so I had myself committed
but the head doc didn't agree
'you should never have been admitted
this institute is insect-free'
Out across the verdant grounds
I fairly flew, I didn't jog
'cuz one of the patients there
thinks he is a frog

So to another shrink I went
and she gave me a great big smile
and then she called her entomologist friend
and talked to him a while
She said 'lay down on my couch,
and tell me more of this moth biz'
but I can plainly see
she's figuring what my net worth is!

'Honey! ' I woke with a scream
'It was that moth joke song again!
but this time in my dream
at least you weren't a mounting pin'.
'That's good' she says and winks
her beady eyes so sweet
then she rubs me with her eight little legs
and we scurry down the street.

Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 17 October 2006

Chuck, do you tell these tales at parties? Cuz iff'in ya' do i'd like it fine iff'in I were placed on yir' invitin' list in th' future! Very astute work, here, Chuck... Wit & Cleverity & a large dose of good ole fashioned fun turns this verse to gold. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR

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Esther Leclerc 17 October 2006

Loads of laughs and grrreat visuals aplenty here! Love it all, but the second stanza in particular (bookworm: '...left her without a word', hyuck hyuck! ! !) . Wonderful wordplay throughout and a very cute n' funny ending. In short, just a whole buncha buggy fun! ! ! ! ! Est : ]

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Dee Daffodil 18 October 2006

Lol...I love this one Chuck...It goes in my faves. I like the part where you're looking at his suit...and also the part about his light being on. This is sooo good! ! I agree with Frank must be an absolute hoot at parties! Hugs, Dee

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Susan Williams 06 January 2016

Hahahahahaha. Oh, you flitted here and there but you still nailed humor on the head. Great piece when your readers laugh out loud when they read it!

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Barry Van Allen 05 May 2007

Chuck, I enjoy, ... but they had you in that place, and they should have kept you there! B.V.A.

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jack russell 23 November 2006

What better way to be cheered up on a damp November eve...I bet your butterfly mind is a blast at Christmas...just avoid those headlights and windshields... Keep smiling. jack :)

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Alison Cassidy 25 October 2006

What delightful absurdist nonsense - Milligan perhaps, or Monthy Python. Cleverly structured too with lots of lovely tidbits between the lines. A thoroughly enjoyable read. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Anna Russell 21 October 2006

Ogden who? Wonderful Chuck, wonderful! Hugs Anna xxx

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