Chuck Audette

Rookie - 59 Points (Poetry Hell, Vermont)

Chuck Audette Poems

1. This Throws Off My Whole Schedule, What Do I Do Until My 10 O'Clock? ! 10/31/2008
2. Little League Outfielder (Attention Elsewhere) 5/5/2009
3. The Captain Crushes My Bowspirit 1/27/2010
4. Never Bypass A Good Opportunity 1/27/2010
5. Poissoned To Death 4/27/2010
6. Schooner Or Later… (A 'Zen' Limerick) 3/15/2013
7. The Definition Of Success (A 'Zen' Limerick) 3/15/2013
8. Limerick For St. Patrick's Day 2010 - Courtesy 3/24/2011
9. His Annual 'Mission' In San Juan Capistrano 12/11/2008
10. Queens Over Aces 11/24/2008
11. Limerick For St. Patrick's Day (Part 2) 3/17/2009
12. Limerick For St. Patrick's Day 2011 - Ode To A Lass, Alas 3/21/2011
13. Limerick For St. Patrick's Day (Part 1) 3/17/2009
14. Card Playing Rookie - Asked To Leave The Casino 11/24/2008
15. Little Jack Horner's Undercover Identity Blown 10/31/2008
16. They'Re Chlorinating My Water 4/13/2005
17. The Spam Poem 10/27/2009
18. Christopher Columbus' Expensive Dream 4/4/2005
19. Sour Words 4/1/2005
20. Curative Efforts 12/13/2005
21. Message 12/28/2005
22. You'Re Welcome, To A Bilingual Pun 1/27/2010
23. Gambling Confession: How I Lost All My Money In The Bar 5/18/2009
24. My Dream House 4/1/2005
25. Cold Fall Morning 10/3/2005
26. Crushing Fatigue 5/25/2006
27. She Sleeps: 1: 53 Am 5/1/2005
28. Hard Lesson 4/8/2005
29. Water Break 2/22/2006
30. Kindling A New Romance 11/7/2007
31. The Landlord Explains: 2/12/2008
32. In My Fertile Imagination 9/5/2006
33. Limerick For St. Patrick's Day 2011 - Ode To A Crossword Addict 3/21/2011
34. British Commuters Ask 'Where Is It! ? ' 6/8/2007
35. Coming Up For Adoption 6/8/2007
36. The Wife Keeps Me On A Short Leash 10/19/2007
37. What A Crappy Thing To Do 9/19/2008
38. Ode To 'Citizen Kane' (A Movie Review In Four Lines) 6/4/2007
39. The End Of The Road 4/4/2005
40. I Have To Kill You Now 6/16/2005

Comments about Chuck Audette

  • Brian (5/6/2019 9:25:00 AM)

    Thank you for making a grey, rainy day greyer. True crime and poetry waltz well with you beating time. But what'd time do to deserve it?

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  • Meg smeed (5/29/2018 9:34:00 AM)

    I am so Sorry for that comment my friend made. I love your poem.

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  • gogo 22558 (5/29/2018 9:30:00 AM)

    how does that relate to poetry all your talking about is mr audets is great at poetry, the guys probably a frod, do you even take the time to listen what the guys talking about? I will bet that if you look up one of his poems it will come up withe some one else then grade 1 frog. find a different poet to fall for. I am sorry for my chose of words but find someone else.

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  • Cj Heck Cj Heck (8/5/2009 1:20:00 PM)

    Rarely does one come across a poet who has the uncanny ability to say so much in so few lines. When I need a smile, or a chance to think... I come and read Mr. Audet's work. He's a genius with brilliant ideas that seem to effortlessly flow through his fingers onto the keyboard to grace our computer screens. I bow to his talent...
    Warmest regards and respect,
    CJ Heck

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  • R H (10/18/2006 7:20:00 AM)

    Contrary to his modest biography, Chuck Audette's superior wordsmithing places him in a league of his own. He has a flair, wit and imagination that combine to make him one of the most original writers I have come across. His wordplay is second to none - sometimes so subtle that the reader may not fully appreciate his lexical gymnastics on first reading. He is the master of brevity, an unashamed rhymer and a respected commentator here at PH. His poetry has fast become an indulgence of mine and judging by the other comments I have read on his work, I know I am not alone. So, keep them coming Chuck - you know you're good...! Justine.

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  • Emily Courtney (10/10/2006 2:46:00 AM)

    Wow, the plethora of pomes you have here is very reminiscent of being in a candy shop or talking to a drug dealer… so many great options. I love them all good thing you can overdoes on poetry. You must have one hell of a muse!

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  • Esther Leclerc (3/28/2006 8:51:00 AM)

    I thought about listing my favorite (so far) poems by Chuck, but then this whole comment would be one groaning LIST... Chuck is a real writer, one who thinks and knows and feels. What I mean is, he has the skills and he uses them; but he also has a true gift which he doesn't squander, the mark of a true artist... Much of his poetry flows so well, it seems effortless; but I suspect there is actual work involved. I hope there is - - if not, he's another poet/that's got my go-at! ... Keep on keeping on, C. C. Writer. And mind the size of your head 'cause if anyone's got a right to a size 42 hat, it's YOU! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Your grateful, laughing pal - - Est: ]

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Best Poem of Chuck Audette

A Guy In Trouble At The Speedway

in a dress
I suddenly find
a sea of laughing faces

I misunderstood
just what a drag race is

Read the full of A Guy In Trouble At The Speedway

Hire And Fire

some money I was desperately needing
gambling debts paid or I'd soon be bleeding
my bar was already deep in the red
'youse got insurance? ', the mob guy said
'dis dump you could combust
but get an alibi - dat is a must'

Hmm.. 'arsonist' ain't in the phone book -
so around my bar, I took a look