002: The Smoking Ban Poem by Colin Johnston

002: The Smoking Ban

Rating: 4.6

The air is filled with reeking smoke
It's just enough to make ye boak

But when the law forbids the habit,
Why stand outside
you'll just be crabbit

So why not try and kick the habit
You'll wonder why you ever had it

Your lungs will clear by next New year
The thought of it should make you cheer

So settle down and have a beer
And all the best for this New year

David Tanguay 28 August 2007

I've smoked for 40 years, however last April made 5 years without a cigarette. My lungs feel clear and free. thank you for commenting on my poem 'What mystery attracts me to you America'

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fanniesson - 30 August 2007

you almost rhymed me into stopping fanniesson

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Martin Swords 02 September 2007

Colin, thank you for your comments, I've read all yours, they're great, I especially like The Smoking Ban, and the words Boake and Crabbit, which I know, but have never seen in poems before. Some of your thinking is very deep, perhaps only being adressed when you write yourself(s) . Keep writing, poetry is a very good way of standing with your thoughts exposed. I will post some old work which deals with standing outside yourself, looking in. Thanks

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Ben Gieske 02 January 2008

I like the words you use: boak & crabbit which conjure up animal images as well as sounds and other human gestures. Your's is a nice way of giving advice. I hope it helps those who need to. Here we are just addressing a total smoking ban in restaurants. Luckily for us, some have adopted one voluntarily.

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Ron Flowers 01 June 2008

Colin, you said it very well

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malabae 04 November 2019

this helps me in a good way.....thank you for this poem

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Katherine Shaw 06 August 2010

I rated your poem a 10, as i thought it was funny, i should have rated it a zero, because i smoke and kinda like it, banning smoking from pubs was the pits grr, I see your fae scotland, I lived in perth for 10 years, not so far from you, sorry about the typos, i did not have time to spell check as i was in such a hurry to get the poems on here, i will re-edit tomoz x

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Colin J... 07 August 2008

You're entitled to your view, but I don't have to put my shirt in the wash basket when I come home from the pub anymore... Colin...

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Michael Fischer 22 July 2008

Nice work...I had this image of people in a pub singing this song with their beers in the air lol! -Michael

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Assorted Thoughts 06 July 2008

Nice one, Colin. A friend of mine just recently quit. Easier said than done but well worth it.

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