Sunday, January 7, 2007

010: The Lovers

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<font color=green>They lie side by side,
But apart, not touching,
Separated by inches,
Which may as well be miles.
Each in their own cocoon of thoughts,
Different Galaxies, in the same Universe.

It wasn't always thus,
In the deep recesses of his mind
He could remember Closeness,
Kind words, Loving touches,
Minds and bodies as one,
When their World was young.

They both stirred, one from sleep,
The other in expectation,
Hoping, always hoping,
Before the lamp's harsh light,
Banished the dream.

His mind screams,
But his voice is silent,
Too proud to beg.
Lying on that barren landscape,
He turns away, still separated,
He waits, but no longer hopes.

She is fully awake now
And sensing his longing, she rises
And makes him a nice cup of tea
After all, it is his Birthday

And they always could read each other's mind.
Colin Johnston
Heather Wilkins 31 May 2013
As age sets in somehow love loses it glamour. I think it might be old age. nice write
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Dave Walker 18 October 2011
Really reall good poem. Really enjoyed it. A great write.
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Carl Harris 17 August 2009
This is another outstanding poem, Colin, one that older married couples, especially those with the children grown and gone, can well relate to. It is vividly expressed in just about every line and tells a tale many of us are all too familiar with in our own personal lives. Your poetic talent shines in this impressive poem. Carl.
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Lady Grace 29 June 2009
a very beautiful one..''separated by inches'a very nice work..grace
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Colin Jeffery 30 November 2008
The Muse in love at its best
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Annika Park 11 September 2008
A very well penned poem. It reminds me about my mom's story. annika
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Ken.e Hall 25 August 2008
A sure page from someones diary of life extracted by you with finess, I know 'in love' people forget many times the old saying 'action speaks louder than a thousand words' Well done- Regards Ken e Hall
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amazing poem... this poem went through my senses and i can really relate with this.. thanks for sharing... best regards, joan d.h.
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Con Nie 02 February 2008
It sounds like love is still there with the gesture of the 'cup of tea'. Probably why these lovers still stay together. Another touching poem. Sincerely, Connie Webb
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Chuck Toll 14 October 2007
I like this a lot, Colin. Fine tone, good images, and the right length. Very nicely done! I gather, unless you let me know otherwise, that the ending is implicitly ironic-that the wife believes she knows her spouse when in fact she doesn't; that thinking he's longing for a nice morning cuppa, she goes off to please him; and that her well-intentioned gesture will only deepen their confusion and estrangement. Am I on target? I am a bit confused by the third stanza: They both stirred, one from sleep, The other in expectation, Hoping, always hoping, Before the day’s harsh light, Banished the dream. I'd thought from the earlier portion that both were lying there already awake. And does the husband still hold out expectation and hope that his wife soon proceeds to dash, or is he already irrevocably submerged in his frustration and hopelessness?
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