Breaking Free Poem by Concetta Salter

Breaking Free

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Sickness, pure sickness.
It’s what I now feel.
Why did I listen?
Oh why did I deal.?

Your lies wouldn’t cease.
Why’d it take me so long?
Why’d I ever believe,
That I did something wrong?

A liars a liar.
And that’s what you are.
You sit and conspire,
On how to break hearts.

Your plan didn’t work though.
My heart didn’t break.
So why don’t you go,
Lick your wounds far away.

Seek out new prey.
Maybe use some new bait.
For me it’s to late.
I’ve already escaped.

I’ll take what I have now,
A heart still intact.
I’ll break through the clouds,
You have made in the past.

How foolish I was,
To believe you a friend.
I’m glad that where done.
Yeah, I’m glad it’s the end.

Christine Kerr 25 April 2009

I love this and know the feeling all too well. I have one that relates to a bit of this called 'Feeling the Satisfaction'. Thankyou again for the feeling freedom but one I'm stealing for my list.

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Antonio Liao 22 April 2009

like crystal....passion that prison the heart and the will to fight the walls that close....very good aceptance of what is to be honest appreciation to you...thank you and God bless....a 10+

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