Dónall Dempsey

Veteran Poet - 1,546 Points (15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Dónall Dempsey Poems

1. Overflowing 5/4/2007
2. For You 5/8/2007
3. Rhapsody In Purple 5/15/2007
4. Cat! ! Astroph! ! ! E 5/15/2007
5. That One Night - A Tanka 5/17/2007
6. The Snakes & Ladders Of Our Love 5/17/2007
7. Dirty Laundry 5/17/2007
8. Darling Daughter 5/12/2007
9. Come Away O Human Child! 5/18/2007
10. Come Dancing 5/18/2007
11. Rather Curious Infatuation 5/18/2007
12. All These Years The Well Looks At The Moon 5/18/2007
13. Another Day 5/18/2007
14. Don'T Know Much ‘bout Science Books! 5/18/2007
15. Driving All Night 5/18/2007
16. Heart Beating In Time 5/18/2007
17. Drowned In The Moon's Watery Kiss 5/18/2007
18. Bit Of Beckett Reduced To Haiku(For My Old Pal Al) 5/20/2007
19. Cool It - Buster! 5/23/2007
20. Five Year Old Reasoning For Being Vegitarian 5/26/2007
21. Love Is At Hand 6/7/2007
22. L'Amour Toujour L'Amour 6/7/2007
23. Useless Beauty 6/8/2007
24. Counting Calories 6/8/2007
25. Bedroom Karoake 6/8/2007
26. Curing The Dream 6/8/2007
27. Remember... Remember! 6/11/2007
28. Welcome Home 6/14/2007
29. New Day Nativity Scene(For Lynn) 6/14/2007
30. The Moon Still Asks About You 6/14/2007
31. How Your Favourite Earrings Fell Out Of Favour 6/8/2007
32. No Room For Tomorrows 6/16/2007
33. Between The Space 6/16/2007
34. Shhhhh! The Sunlight Is Asleep! 6/22/2007
35. Life Changes 6/22/2007
36. Somewhere Else 6/22/2007
37. Fat & Fifty 6/22/2007
38. Docking 6/22/2007
39. Festine Lente Festine Lente(For Bud The Brian) 6/22/2007
40. Always My Heart 6/23/2007

Comments about Dónall Dempsey

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  • Shakeya Johnson (1/25/2018 3:21:00 PM)

    Your ugly

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  • Fabrizio Frosini Fabrizio Frosini (8/1/2015 4:50:00 AM)

    poesia interessante, Dónall, a tratti umoristica, a tratti satira, a tratti dramma.. sempre intelligente - sangue irlandese non mente.. ;)
    Grazie per averla condivisa

    interesting poetry, Dónall, sometimes humorous, sometimes satirical poetry, sometimes drama, always clever poetry - Irish blood doesn't lie.. ;)
    Thanks for sharing

    greetings from Tuscany

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  • James Mclain James Mclain (12/13/2009 11:39:00 AM)

    are all that..she..
    said they would be..
    and more....iip

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  • Ruth Walters (11/24/2009 6:27:00 AM)

    Donall thankyou so much for all your poems! They are treasures, one and all and their author a rare and gifted soul.

    Ruthie: -)

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  • Janice Windle (9/9/2008 10:04:00 AM)

    Dónall is the answer to a prayer I never offered up, maiden or not, and he has given reality to dreams that I never knew I'd had. He is poetry personified and his work is as passionate, sincere imaginative and honest as he is himself. I love him.

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  • Martin Swords (8/25/2008 4:18:00 PM)

    Ireland in its hour of need could do with yet another blinkin' winker!

    Back with a few new pieces, talk later.

    Slan agus Beannacht

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  • Onelia Avelar (4/27/2008 12:06:00 PM)

    An Eccentric Love Pilgrim on a long journey, composing wonderful poems...

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  • Scarlett Treat (12/3/2007 3:40:00 PM)

    If a man can get to heaven, just by having the kindest, most loving heart in the world, then my dearest friend, Donall Donall (the double dip Irishman!) has it made.
    His very soul is just pure, shining love, and his poetry reflects his warm heart. Love poetry will never be the same, because of his unusual outlook on life and love,
    but WOW, is he one awesome writer! You bet! !

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Best Poem of Dónall Dempsey

' ' ' ' Daddy(For My Dad)

your love

around me

tangible & intangible

as when
becomes music.

As a child
they asked me

what I wanted
to be

when I grew up

and I ran through
all the obvious choices

a cowboy man
a doctor man
a spy man
a hero man
an astronaut man

but there was
always only

one choice.

I wanted to be

So I blurted out
my child's answer:

'A Daddy! '

The adults laughed
not knowing how serious
I was.

I wanted to be
the ...

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The tin bath
that splashed with laughter

before many a Friday fire
as the stove roared

& brothers & sisters
became miraculously cleaned
of dirt...woes or worries

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