Dressed To Impress Poem by Darrin McMiller Jr.

Dressed To Impress

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Dressed to Impress
We judge by our attire
More than our entirety
Defined by stylish stitches
Moving from rags to riches
Forgetting we were the men
And the clothes didn't make us

While we sprint for fortune
We lose self-esteem
We wealth and don't know what it means
The most precious blood on the world scene
But we cheat ourselves out, selling ourselves short
Selling ourselves out, when will we find out

The paper and the jewelry not the prize
It's the hustle that led us in the door then into enterprises
Separate we fall apart together we all make it
Look how the community rises
When it's about integrity not about a dollar
When it's about legacy not about ego
When it's about sustaining, maintaining our own instead of stunning

Why are we all fronting
We work till we break our back
Till the break of the dawn
To wake up fresh to death
Dressed to impress
Just to impress others
Who struggle just like us

And you looking like a joke and a jester
It's a slow death
When tags is all you have
And the accumulation
Is what you base reality by
The basis of why
You live and you die

Brandi Guthrie 08 July 2010

Whoa man, you are loaded with passionnate metaphors! I`m quite impressed. Keep it up.

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Hd Whatley 08 July 2010

The world is full of narcissists.

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Issam Hal 07 July 2010

it's so beautiful and deep i really liked it

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Skye Figueroa 15 June 2010

what you say, Darrin, is so true

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