David Taylor Poems

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Well I do not know
About the day or how blossoms grow
I do not know my life means what
I don’t even know diddly squat

In The Dark

Like a pile of broken bricks
ones they said you’d never fix.
Like a rhyme that has no song
a song that sings of what has gone.

Tomorrow Is Another Day, Life Is But A Dream They Say

Blushing pink sky
shyly passes by
on green heavens fields
where stars walk across

Struck Dumb

Transcendental unification causes obliteration
of individual ruminations which always circulate
and are prime subjects for debate between so many postulates.
Intellectualisation is even better after a little libation

Saying Goodbye?

Damp in both eyes
Hesitant in breath
Heavy in heart
Blank in thought

Timely Connection

The atrium to the train station
Thralls with business men, families
Workers and holidaymakers
Excited shouts and dogged strides

Do You?

What do you hear?
Do you hear the sound of thunder
Or pitter patter of rain
Or roar of howling wind

Your Eyes

A rustling of leafy canopy
announces a sweeping breath
with a silvery clattering like
dampened crystal or paper chimes

Paradise Lost

I watch my son playing
Running and dancing
Building with bricks
Imagining the little plastic man exists


Creamy coloured bubbles
Of silky luminescence
Oft without any effervescence
Trickled running until pouring