M. Asim Nehal Death Poems

Life ~ Death

Life is a well-written lyric with an uncomposed music.
Death is well-composed music for an unwritten lyric,
All drama starts with life and ends with the death
Both have a distinction of innocence with the grandeur of purity.

Death Of A Moon - Part 1

Night planned a vicious game
To trap and kill the moon
Stars joined the plan
Thinking they can reflect

After Death ~

Every year when the leaves fall upon my tomb
and the ants will take 'em away
then the birds will take it to build the nest.
a new life will begin at the top of the shaft.

Haiku - On Death

golden leaves falling,
crashing waves in rhythm call,
sunset swallows all.

Death Of A Moon - Part 2

Moon, with all the courage and determination
took this blow with the courage shown
to the outside world
created a deep hole inside

The Black Hands Of Death ~

The black hands of death,
cannot hold the white thread of life.
Neither the sun nor the moon will bear witness to it.
The blowing wind will not pave way to snatch the memories.

Death Of A Moon - Concluding Part

Today when I lay down on a cot
Under the marigold tree
The moon was rolling slowing
Playing with clouds and stars

Ode To The Death

We all want to go to heavens
But we fear from death, why?

We know our life is temporary

Game Of Death

Soaring eagle with focused eyes
Nothing escapes from their sight
Miles away from the target they may appear
Within few seconds they descend

Death Of A Moon - Part 3

Finally moon regained its senses
And started showering its beam
In the colourful pack
And showed its true beauty

Sonnet ~ Thy Death Will Show The World How You Lived

Thy death will show the world how you lived,
Thy life story will reveal thy successes and failures;
The efforts you made will speak what you achieved,
And all will go down in history as your deliverers.

Death - Cacophony



Even After Your Death

Life, Soul And Death

Life is to live, life is a enjoy
Life is a journey that walk constantly
It flows with the river and falls from the mounts
In whatever way to define, still remain undefined.

Verse - Backward Poem - Life And Death

as Journey
is mixed bag
with pains, sorrow,

Error Success