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Om Chawla 28 September 2012

Keep the fire burning and channelise it productively. Wishing you all the very best in your efforts. Incidently I invite you to read my poems 'O Lord', A 'prayer' & 'O Priest' written by me some 57 years ago.

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Shame For What?

Don't tell me why Life is unfair, mine's not yours to live
Judge me all you want, i simply don't care about it
All i did was to survive, i see no sin in it
I had a stomach to feed, charity was too expensive.

Death was not an option, i chose to live
Selling my body to save my soul its a deal i signed
M i unclean to sit by you? i wonder who sleeps with me?
Honour is a word too fake for me, what will it fetch me?

No shame in me will you find, no regret or repentence
What you do legally, i galdly offer in exchange of money
Purity is the state of mind, i m a virgin still
A hand that could have saved me, tore my blouse to shreds.

Why am i to suffer in silence, my fate was sealed in heaven
Who are you to stone me? Has the Nazareth man allowed?
You amaze at my courage, wish you could have it more
Its all i have in left in me, i sold all else to you.

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04 February 2015

Sing me the song of Death, the cacophony of the living is deafening.

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