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Don't tell me why Life is unfair, mine's not yours to live
Judge me all you want, i simply don't care about it
All i did was to survive, i see no sin in it
I had a stomach to feed, charity was too expensive.

I stutter and can not remember my name.
Its been long since I heard my coarse voice.
My soul dreads the echo of my heart,
Its rhythemic thumping makes sure I remain deaf.

With the first cry came a tear of shame
Before a mother's breast garbage became cradle
Born alive but for those who mattered was a stillborn
What would they say of IT neither son nor a daughter

The irony of Life is, it is never yours until you sacrifice it
The noise of the world has made us deaf to heartbeats of humanity
We run towards lights for in the darkness we see our psyche
In the screaming silence of the night, we lay awake with hushed hullabaloo in our mind

Sweet spring swing and young yearning years
Memories reminded by sudden gust of faint wind chimes
Those years when foreigners, friends and foes played together
Lost innocence, insurance and inane discourse of life

Trust me he said, 'I'll never break your heart again'.
Hold me, he whispered, 'I'll never let you cry again'
Promises and disarming smiles broke my walls of fear again
He came like a rain and wiped out what was left of my faith.

If I say I love You, will you pity my yearning soul?
Look whats beyond my trembling lips and see my beating heart?
I wonder if you find me silly with hormones of hasty hungry heat.
Or laugh at my adoration of a human god admonishing my hopeless farce?

The monsoon flooded my childhood memories
The paper boats, raincoats, muddy cakes and granny's tales
Sweet oranges, first crushes, undying pacts, papa's trademark hats
The race through the fields, the climb upon the trees.

He gave me rose one day and a letter to go with it
He told me he loved me and will do so as long as he shall live
He held my hand and promised me a ring when the time is right
I killed that Man, for he gave me more than his words

A decade and a half ago i ran away from my home
Was cornered and brought back home before the birds came home
All of them asked what went in my head to act so strange?
But nobody heard my silent heartbreak which made me flee from home

The starry night twinkles its lights
And to my sleepless mind gives delights
I think they are winking at us in good nature
Inspiring a child's rhyme wondering at its feature

I had plans, now i have dreams
I had smile, now i have joy
I had a heart, now i have a melody

Another year is coming to its end,
Another anniversary for our yearly reunion
Another week filled with love, vows, plans and teary depart
Another year testing our faith, loyalty, courage and living apart

I used to play Tea Time when i was much younger
With dolls and tiny plastic cups and saucers
What seems like ages ago i had my first cup of tea
Too much of sugar made it bitter, but i enjoyed it with relish

I lay awake long after you turned to sleep
The rumpled sheets and scattered clothes illustrate your love for me
Your warm touch burned through my body and left my soul cold
And now in the aftermath i am left alone while Cold desire gnaws my core

My sister pointed a man on the road calling him our father
She had a faint smile hoping he would turn and smile back
I saw him walking away in a busy market wearing a suit
Perhaps a man on business while we stood like a failed investments

Born as a human, classified on gender
Given a doll to play and to learn from
Books to study and samosas for in-law
Loved in the family but somehow first to be sacrificed

Empty rooms with his babies crying in fear
His sickening scent lingering on the stale air
Torn pictures of him and broken glasses strewn on floor
The door still open after hours he walked away


Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all?
'The one who smile to a passing stranger
and shares the joy of life and nature.'

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Shame For What?

Don't tell me why Life is unfair, mine's not yours to live
Judge me all you want, i simply don't care about it
All i did was to survive, i see no sin in it
I had a stomach to feed, charity was too expensive.

Death was not an option, i chose to live
Selling my body to save my soul its a deal i signed
M i unclean to sit by you? i wonder who sleeps with me?
Honour is a word too fake for me, what will it fetch me?

No shame in me will you find, no regret or repentence
What you do legally, i galdly offer in exchange of money
Purity is the state of mind, i m a virgin still
A hand that could have saved me, tore my blouse to shreds.

Why am i to suffer in silence, my fate was sealed in heaven
Who are you to stone me? Has the Nazareth man allowed?
You amaze at my courage, wish you could have it more
Its all i have in left in me, i sold all else to you.

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Om Chawla 28 September 2012

Keep the fire burning and channelise it productively. Wishing you all the very best in your efforts. Incidently I invite you to read my poems 'O Lord', A 'prayer' & 'O Priest' written by me some 57 years ago.

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Sing me the song of Death, the cacophony of the living is deafening.

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