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Dee Corpolongo Poems

1. What I Hope 7/9/2012
2. A Birthday Wish For Smoky! 5/1/2017
3. June 22nd 6/22/2017
4. Birthday Wish For A Lifetime Friend...Joan Riccio 1/1/2018
5. An Ode To Ol' Big Joe 12/8/2016
6. My Knight In Shining Armor 12/12/2016
7. A Quick Birthday Poem For Val.... 1/13/2017
8. March 26th Memory 3/26/2015
9. The Game Of Love 7/16/2012
10. Lifes Way 7/6/2012
11. True Serendipity 9/15/2012
12. The Game 7/3/2012
13. A Thought To Midnight Voice 11/3/2013
14. Moonlight Memories 7/5/2012
15. Illusions 7/21/2012
16. The Month Of May 5/8/2014
17. Passing Thought With The Moon 6/19/2017
18. Aries People 4/11/2015
19. Message To My Daughter..... 4/16/2016
20. A Room Without A View. 6/13/2017
21. Friends From Yesteryear 4/12/2016
22. August Fires 7/30/2014
23. Being Me 7/3/2012
24. Collective Memory 9/30/2013
25. Unexpected Moments 2/21/2013
26. Beach Moments 7/3/2012
27. Happy Birthday Val...Jan.13th 1/11/2015
28. Contemplating Life 7/5/2012
29. A Quick Thought On Time 7/3/2012
30. Another Time 7/6/2012
31. A Simple Recall 11/14/2013
32. The Most Important Thing On The 'To Do' List 9/13/2013
33. Lessons 2/4/2013
34. Another Thank You 6/26/2013
35. A Summers View 8/5/2013
36. Bad Moon Rising 2/11/2014
37. A Wish For A Merry Christmas 12/7/2013
38. A Happy Mother's Day Wish..... 5/10/2014
39. Once Again 7/13/2013
40. A March 26th Poem 3/26/2014

Comments about Dee Corpolongo

  • Smoky Hoss Smoky Hoss (5/31/2017 2:20:00 PM)

    Dee writes warm and wonderful poetry, the kind that is always a pleasure to read and read again; the kind of words that a heart clings to for joy, hope and wonder. Thank you Dee for sharing so much beauty with all of us here on the PoemHunter site. Write-on!

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  • Susan Lacovara Susan Lacovara (1/20/2015 8:57:00 PM)

    Dearest Dee...having just read your poem, regarding the New Year, I realized just how much I have missed the buffet of your delicious truths. Enjoying every slice of your words, knowing we are spun from common thread. I can only hope that the extending of my smile, my friendship is transported through time and miles...reaching you as I continue to reach for the beauty of your friendship. Thank you, as always, for the comments you left on my work., in particular, For The Love Of Luna, one of my personal favorites. When I was notified that I had a comment on it, I read that comment, via an email notification. I found the sentiments to be so touching, happy that someone shared similar experiences. Then I proceeded to go to poemhunter forum, to attach a name to the comment received. What a pleasant surprise to see it was from your hand, the lovely, the generous, the trusted Dee! You have a way of knowing just when to tap into my life at exactly the needed moment.

    I have to believe that the universe does play a hand in it! As two ladies, entwined through poetry, facing the unending obstacles of life, jumping the rough the hoops of the everyday circus, clearing hurdles, all with the intention of remaining positive and true to who we are, I find great comfort in knowing that we are in this together! ! Have yourself a sweet evening, and remember that I root for you, one of the good guys each and every day. PEACE, May it steer our steps, Susan

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Best Poem of Dee Corpolongo


Friends are:

there through thick and thin
always willing to let you in...
listen when you need to talk
beside you when you must walk..

They are there when the world is cruel
they let you know you are no ones fool...
They are there to make it feel alright
they are there for you both day and night

They are precious and oh so rare
and let you know how much they care
When you find a friend that has your back
they will support you through any attack

Friends are worth their weight in gold
real friends are neither bought or sold
they wish ...

Read the full of Friends

Life As I See It

Malicious and mean has never been my way
though to others it surely seems to be
Ive been through my share of heartaches
and yet I still remain that same old me

For I'd rather be more optimistic
and like people for what they are
keep my dreams forever flowing
like a kid wishing upon a star

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