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I'm sitting and I'm thinking
every moment of today
missing you my friend
only wishing I could say

Friends are:

there through thick and thin
always willing to let you in...

why is that we always remember

the ones who have done us wrong...


Words are like weapons
they can tear you apart
they can bring so much joy
other times, break a heart

How I write says who I am
or maybe who I want to be
from feelings said intentionally
to the ones deep inside of me

I want to take a minute out
to say just how I feel
This year I found
and people that are real

Once again I have brought myself
to a place that is unknown
where there once was a garden
but the weeds have overgrown

One of lifes simple pleasures is to sleep
memories that can make us forever weep
Upon losing someone that you miss so much
it's in a dream you can feel their touch

Malicious and mean has never been my way
though to others it surely seems to be
Ive been through my share of heartaches
and yet I still remain that same old me

As I awoke this morning
an incident was on my mind
it happened many years ago
and of the strangest kind.

I have been gone now for a while
letting words with a sarcastic touch
get to me somehow and hurt me
I am sensitive oh, way too much

Pray for her as thats all you can do
until the truth comes shining through
Hopefully, God, will then provide
the answers needed as her guide....

Today would've been my Dad's birthday
so throughout the day my thoughts return
of all the yesterdays of growing up
and what I would eventually learn

I'd like to say 'happy Birthday'
to a well known friend, no two...
Both were born on January 13th
A shared blessing for me and you

What is Life?
If not for the Living....
and What is Charity?
If not for the giving...


To try to do the best that I can
Ideas are the beginning of a future plan
Making the most of whatever is around
Enjoying my life and the treasures I've found

I'd like to send a message
Straight to heaven if I may,

There is a place that only I know of
for it is buried beneath the many tears
A place where love is abundant and real

I truly can not believe
that I could be so naïve,
to Once again, believe in you.

My hopes were again, instilled

For all the beautiful moms out there
who have sacrificed so much
a celebration is only fair
that bears a loving touch

Dee Corpolongo Biography

Born and raised in New York, then moved to Calif. after graduation, and have stayed here ever since. Love Nature, and animals, which are a part of my soul, and reading and writing poetry as a release and description of feelings inside. I also enjoy friends, old and new alike....and I despise when people only try to hurt you by writing b.$. about you, and sad.... and I love giving {{{hugs}}}! ! ! ! and smiles. I also must say how much I love this site, where everyone is so positive and kind. Beautiful souls.)

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A Birthday Tribute To A Friend ~ Gone But Never Forgotten

I'm sitting and I'm thinking
every moment of today
missing you my friend
only wishing I could say
Happy Birthday once again
as I had for many years
but now its sent to Heaven
while I cry so many tears

You were a man of many talents
you could draw anyone with ease
you created and the end result
was a gift so sure to please

You aimed for true perfection
anything less just would not do
any mistakes would need correction
needed or not, but that was you.

So many years of fun times
I can not believe they now are gone
I miss you more than words can say
thought your legacy still lives on

I miss your smile I miss your ways
a heart of gold beneath the haze
I hope you know how thankful
I was to have you there for me
always opening your home and heart
a true friend you would always be

So today let me say Happy Birthday
with sadness but little regret
to let you know I miss what was
one of the greatest guys I ever met.

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Smoky Hoss 31 May 2017

Dee writes warm and wonderful poetry, the kind that is always a pleasure to read and read again; the kind of words that a heart clings to for joy, hope and wonder. Thank you Dee for sharing so much beauty with all of us here on the PoemHunter site. Write-on!

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Susan Lacovara 20 January 2015

Dearest Dee...having just read your poem, regarding the New Year, I realized just how much I have missed the buffet of your delicious truths. Enjoying every slice of your words, knowing we are spun from common thread. I can only hope that the extending of my smile, my friendship is transported through time and miles...reaching you as I continue to reach for the beauty of your friendship. Thank you, as always, for the comments you left on my work., in particular, For The Love Of Luna, one of my personal favorites. When I was notified that I had a comment on it, I read that comment, via an email notification. I found the sentiments to be so touching, happy that someone shared similar experiences. Then I proceeded to go to poemhunter forum, to attach a name to the comment received. What a pleasant surprise to see it was from your hand, the lovely, the generous, the trusted Dee! You have a way of knowing just when to tap into my life at exactly the needed moment. I have to believe that the universe does play a hand in it! As two ladies, entwined through poetry, facing the unending obstacles of life, jumping the rough the hoops of the everyday circus, clearing hurdles, all with the intention of remaining positive and true to who we are, I find great comfort in knowing that we are in this together! ! Have yourself a sweet evening, and remember that I root for you, one of the good guys each and every day. PEACE, May it steer our steps, Susan

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