Life As I See It Poem by Dee Corpolongo

Life As I See It

Rating: 5.0

Malicious and mean has never been my way
though to others it surely seems to be
Ive been through my share of heartaches
and yet I still remain that same old me

For I'd rather be more optimistic
and like people for what they are
keep my dreams forever flowing
like a kid wishing upon a star

For you never know what to expect
as each moment is a new episode
a new chapter begins as you reflect
what could be waiting on down the road

It starts with attitude and courage
and wanting to achieve your goal
the results are so exhilarating
and might be what makes you whole

Dave Walker 13 November 2012

A beautiful poem, some people just can't stand other people been happy.

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Daya Nandan 09 May 2016

i love the positivity that just radiates from this poem

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Sandra Feldman 10 August 2014

I love your Optimism! Today's great need. Thank you,10/10

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Robert Beck 14 December 2012

Love the positive flow of your poems

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Joseph Anderson 15 November 2012

A very sincere and uplifting poem. Your poetry rings loud with compassion.A great outlook here.

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Smoky Hoss 13 November 2012

A great write with a great way of looking at life.

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