Friends Poem by Dee Corpolongo


Rating: 4.3

Friends are:

there through thick and thin
always willing to let you in...
listen when you need to talk
beside you when you must walk..

They are there when the world is cruel
they let you know you are no ones fool...
They are there to make it feel alright
they are there for you both day and night

They are precious and oh so rare
and let you know how much they care
When you find a friend that has your back
they will support you through any attack

Friends are worth their weight in gold
real friends are neither bought or sold
they wish you the best and help to be
the best treasure in life you'll ever see...

Answered a question on: what are friends? Just my opinion...
written with lots of {{{hugs}}} and thoughts to all~
Jayatissa K. Liyanage 01 July 2016

A universal truth, exquisitely crafted and its a remarkable gift to the reader from talented DC. Congrats for being at zenith. X

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Ratnakar Mandlik 01 July 2016

Heartiest Congrats for being able to identify true friendship and define a true friend and putting that through a beautiful verse that has been rightfully selected as member poem of the Day.

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Jasbir Chatterjee 01 July 2016

Nice poem. Having good friends certainly makes life easier and better. But true happiness and fulfillment always comes from within...Congrats on being poet of the day!

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Kelly Kurt 01 July 2016

Friends are often more valued than family

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Kim Barney 01 July 2016

And sometimes your best friends can be found right IN your family!

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sarah shahzad 11 December 2019

this is deep and powerful and you are such an expressive..! ! i'm write as well so please check my site too :)

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Nancy ottofy 23 May 2018

Beautiful, friends are rare and need to be cherished.

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Roxanne Dubarry 01 July 2016

Dear Dee, You have unlocked the keys to true friendship in your poem!

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Kim Barney 01 July 2016

Very nice description of true friends. Congrats for having it chosen as poem of the day!

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Tom Billsborough 01 July 2016

sounds good Tom Billsborough

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