Words Poem by Dee Corpolongo


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Words are like weapons
they can tear you apart
they can bring so much joy
other times, break a heart

They should always be thought
about before being said
How a person may feel
upon it being read

I know I'm not blameless
saying things that would hurt
and I apologize to others
for all that it's worth

I hope that God hears me
and helps me make it right
Any pain I've ever caused
may they forgive me tonight.

Joseph Anderson 15 November 2012

Great simplicity, wise and sage advice. Your poetry sort of grabs me. This is a brief little gem with a worthwhile thought

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Valerie Dohren 09 September 2012

A simple and straightforward write, but so full of wisdom and good advice. Words can be an evil weapon or a soothing elixir. Excellent write, well penned, flows well.

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Robert Beck 30 December 2012

Words from your heart run deep and true This enlightening poem says the best of you

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Dee Corpolongo 22 March 2016

A poetic reply...thank you so very much, Robert, , , ,

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Dave Walker 04 November 2012

A so true poem, saying something good to someone can stay with them for a life time, as can saying something bad, but if you say something bad you can always try make it right again. A really fantastic poem.

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Chinedu Dike 12 January 2017

An insightful into the potential power of spoken words, well articulated and nicely penned with conviction. Thanks for sharing Dee.

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Kim Barney 01 July 2016

So true. The pen is mightier than the sword, as someone has said. Well written.

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Edward Kofi Louis 21 March 2016

I know i'm not blameless. Nice piece of work.

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Smoky Hoss 17 May 2014

Ah yes, here we find a treasure so rare, the wise council of grace and mercy. Of such are the hallmarks of redemptive love. Inspired words are these.

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Unwritten Soul 30 September 2013

I feel sorry for myself as sometimes i found myself using words as knife to blackmail tears from others to meet my eyes...But i have heart to take care of them, as we need take care my words too from now for burning their smile away....lovely and true_Soul

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