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Freedom washed with tears rinsed by blood,
dried with heat of love from one's heart,
some unknown, but alone they're not,
fell on the ground where lilies once sprout.

On this cold November setting,
Painted above is the old gray sky;
A glimpse from the sun in sight,
Wearing a mystique smile.

For when it slips through your careless hands,
A bond breaks and you'll never understand,
The mystifying beauty of its brilliance.

In my mind,
Memories whispers like wind.
There's a language that only I can understand,
Moments that are woven with words and time.

Searching for the grave
Where I buried the pain
Of this wounded heart
Who lost its desire.

I am a matter in one space,
A space packed with vertical lives,
Overflowing with so much noise,
Opportunities and heartbreaks.

Bubbly rushing waves
blending with the singing birds
music to my ears

When all the things went wrong for me,
you were always there to make them right.
When some of my days became gloomy,
you seemed to make them so bright.

Like a sun worshipper on the shore;
She danced on the golden sands,
Moving to the rhythm of the sea.
Her graceful movements tell a story-

I fly upon the wind with delight,
Soaring high and might like a kite.
With every gentle gust, I find my way-
Through boundless skies - where dreams stay.

Playfully seeking attraction from him
She's not a fool …she's smart.
But every time jealousy steps in,
she lowers her guard.

Some decades ago,
I bear witness to a steadfast love,
(Or so I thought it was)
I never imagined that she had to give it up.

Showers in the late afternoon of June.
A tempest brewed, two forces clashed,
Fires of anger flickered, fierce debate sparked.

Just me and the sunset
At this very moment.
Colors in the sky bursting,
Pink, purple, orange blending.

Beauty of the sea
Shimmering under the sun
With colors shifting
Deep blue to emerald green

Through this maze I walk,
Seeking comfort among shadows;
To drown my sorrows,
Amid the chaos.

I'm sorry, I whispered
As the tears slipped down my cheeks.
I never meant to hurt you,
But my actions spoke

Another nightmare passed,
The moon showed grim and pale,
Strong winds dropped and rain ceased,
Sibilant waves on the beach.

Pair of eyes that mirrors a lonely soul,
with a crying face but no sound at all,
a wandering waif and so disheveled,
clad with filthy shirt and defenseless feet.

I cried!
Not because you lied
but because you loved.

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Clenched Fists

Freedom washed with tears rinsed by blood,
dried with heat of love from one's heart,
some unknown, but alone they're not,
fell on the ground where lilies once sprout.

Imperious pledge made by mightiest,
lies and deceits bloats their bellies,
flaunting wealth with no shame,
manipulation is their game.

Capture the air of truth they did,
slashed bodies with thorny whip,
voices imprisoned, acts suppressed,
some lost of lives being disguised.

What sort of pain conflict inflicts?
not for privileged, not for rich
but for lowly impoverished,
all subdued by envy and greed.

Struggling to free oneself from sea
of cheats that drowned humanity,
fastened by metal links instead,
when compassion the needy begged.

Weeps behind non healing worry,
chain restraints moral propriety,
crumpled dirt poor like you and me,
somber face cries reality.

Common cause together some strode,
foot in-front the other that's bold,
tried to mend broken spirits,
held pair of clenched fists.

Wearing stained, disgraced emotions,
some unmasked hidden oppressions,
undying hope screams from inside,
crossing the road of pure unjust.

The tears and sweats all mixed with grief,
they all gathered with one belief,
for their rights, stood to win the fight,
to survive from the twisted life.

Freedom sought never come handy,
it's a journey and ride isn't free,
tracks embed to eternity,
beneath the heat of slavery.

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This world would have chances to forgive if only time could rewind and moments could be relived.

If only my dreams have wings then they can carry me to that distant land where I can hold your hand.

In this overwhelming world we reside, let love and kindness be our constant guide.

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