Della Perry Poems

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Love's Arms

Love opened his arms, he welcomed me
Into that warm embrace
But it wasn't enough, not enough for me
I was still part of the race.

She Was Like A Rainbow - Rainbow Girl

She was like a rainbow
A delight after a storm
Shimmering so elegantly
And vibrant against the backdrop of sky

Cheated Childhoods

Cheated of childhood
Sharks ripped a toddler to shreds
Screamed at the paternal threads were sliced.
A tiny egg, cracked apart,

Love Bomb

Wow, you are the bomb
You attack my senses
You charge my soul
When you're near I'm set on fire

Hunger For Knowledge

Hungry all the time
Starving, ravenous,
Unrelenting hunger pains me.
Needing knowledge, release,


As winter's darkness encroaches the light,
A black lid upon the coffin of day,
It brings a regret on a chain of steel,
An iron anchor that weighs one down.


Therefore, I have no answers
No reasons echo in my empty cavity of mind
Solutions are hidden in complexity cupboards
Doors jammed shut with rhyme

Lost Childhood

Locked in the attic
Sat in the dark
While other's voices
Are heard in the park.

Ludlow's Busking Twins

Costa coffee, cup large than the table
Steam rising into the warmth of the day
Pleasant chatter, narrow lanes of old
Blue plaques on terrace walls

Travelling Poet Dreams

When camel silhouettes, black against orange sunsets
Form ripples on the sands
Across vast, mysterious landscapes
Laiden oxen make haste to the 'Gem of the East'

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