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Love opened his arms, he welcomed me
Into that warm embrace
But it wasn't enough, not enough for me
I was still part of the race.

She was like a rainbow
A delight after a storm
Shimmering so elegantly
And vibrant against the backdrop of sky

Cheated of childhood
Sharks ripped a toddler to shreds
Screamed at the paternal threads were sliced.
A tiny egg, cracked apart,

Wow, you are the bomb
You attack my senses
You charge my soul
When you're near I'm set on fire

Hungry all the time
Starving, ravenous,
Unrelenting hunger pains me.
Needing knowledge, release,


As winter's darkness encroaches the light,
A black lid upon the coffin of day,
It brings a regret on a chain of steel,
An iron anchor that weighs one down.

Therefore, I have no answers
No reasons echo in my empty cavity of mind
Solutions are hidden in complexity cupboards
Doors jammed shut with rhyme

Locked in the attic
Sat in the dark
While other's voices
Are heard in the park.

Costa coffee, cup large than the table
Steam rising into the warmth of the day
Pleasant chatter, narrow lanes of old
Blue plaques on terrace walls

When camel silhouettes, black against orange sunsets
Form ripples on the sands
Across vast, mysterious landscapes
Laiden oxen make haste to the 'Gem of the East'

My wintry friends were out today
Waving cold, bare arms in the breeze,
'Hello friend, ' whispered the trees.


The future seemed a safe place
Safer than the present.
But then I realised that the future
Is the present to be.

Our dog turned into a werewolf,
His fangs grew really long,
His eyes turned to yellow,
I just knew something was wrong!

The door was ajar
Light gleaming through the crack
Tempting your inquisitive mind
After knocking on the door for so long

She wore him like an embellishment
His masculinity aided her femininity.
She needed all the help she could muster.
Self centered, selfish, narcissistic.

Sssh be quiet...
Don't speak
Don't let the cat out of the bag
Don't let the secret escape.

The voices echo around
Bounce off the nerve endings
Hurt so much
Constant ridicule

Its truth glares from the mirror
Hanging crippled on the wall
I'm not a 'Blake, Eliot or Plath'
Not educated enough to follow that winding path


Stepping along the golden sands
Stooping to collect pink and beige shells
Took me straight back to my youth
When we did this together.

How terribly sad that the elation is great
When the awaiting feline meows
Pleased at your arrival
How it leaps to greet you

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I am a teaching assistant who writes poems and stories for adults and children.I am married with two grown up boys.)

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Love's Arms

Love opened his arms, he welcomed me
Into that warm embrace
But it wasn't enough, not enough for me
I was still part of the race.
I slipped through the fingers, running solidly
Into the darkness ahead.
I didn't look around me
I didn't see my feet
Just days ahead of dread.
Love opened his arms, he welcomed me
Even though I scoffed
He remained there, he took away the fear
He showed he cared.
Yes, love opened his arms, welcomed me into the embrace
The warmth of that love
And I cling on still
With all my might
Thanking the Lord above.

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Diets and chocolate digestives don't go together I find.

When a child refuses to talk, and says they don't want to talk, they usually have something important that they do need to say. Have patience and listen hard.

If an opinion is voiced but no-one listens to it, is it still a valid opinion?

If you had the encouragement and means What could you have been? If you had the love and care Who could you be? Give your child encouragement, love, care, respect, And see what your child can achieve.

Have you made someone smile today, been kind to someone today? Are you proud of yourself today?

If I am me, and you are you, Would I be you? And you be me? I wonder....

Little niggling thoughts should never be ignored For in them lies the seeds of your destiny.

They break you Then Expect you to pick up all the pieces.

I, as a child had to make my own wings to fly from tough steel, Sometimes they weigh me down, But I would break them off, without a thought, for a child that needed them more.

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