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suicide will be the cause of my demise.
death is my decision,
because life is my affliction.
and i when they're hurt, i won't appologize...

i close the casket upon myself.
and i dig my own grave
no one can save my cold damned soul.
our worthless god won't take me, my fate is in my control...

Courtney Alsbury 16 February 2005

this is amazing. i love it. and herbert, i doubt this is jus a morbid fascination with suicide, no one can write something like this without feeling it. and people who are suicidal dont like to talk bout it...great work Derek

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Herbert Nehrlich1 19 January 2005

I wonder what it is with you, this morbid fascination with suicide. Forgive me if I misread you and it is just poetry. It sounds quite real though (maybe just very good poetry?) I noticed you placed 'i' twice in the last line of the first stanza. If that is not intentional then it most certainly has a profound meaning. Think about it. And if you do want to talk about things (I am much more easy-going than it appears) , why don't you send something to my INBOX. Rumours have it that the afterlife does exist. But why do you think the Pope is so reluctant to go there? H

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