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'Why you came so early' I quothed
'I came for our destined rendezvous
In a secluded place I will seize you'
She professed, quickly stepped near

If I keep your eyes secluded
In a faraway inhabitance
Where Daffodil will fall upon
and Frangipani will dance

A scintillating afternoon sailed
for a dream destination with my heart
But, my laden mind with despondency
of a pauper, adrift on a shallow shuttering past,

I woke up to make my way to hillock nearby
On the hilltop I stood with my ears astrain
I watched in distance, a maize field caught
fire, and a strong south wind are storming

When the sailor sailed out to sea on the deep
With land no longer in sight
But everywhere nothing but ocean, nothing but sky
Loomed overhead a dark livid rain-cloud

My peregrination towards a scintillating evening
bypassing your pristine riverbank
Where tall palm trees sway their leaves
Mottled ebony formed colonade like sentries

Nature will herald you Nilakshi Parveen
over Greenwood, under the blue sky
Draped in your cobalt blue sari of chiffon
And a dangling blue veil framed by

First sunshine of dawn fallen on her rosy cheeks, While
lousy dreams of last night she had on her face but,
her eyes contained blue of morning sky
She outstretched a red rose in her tender hand with a smile on her lips

Oh merciless woman!
When driven to frenzy,
aware how sharp is the pain
When a passionate love is betrayed,

I obsess to clasp your hand and
elope you this time,
and we'll transpose to Andromeda.

Dear N

I saw you in a mobile train
While Slipped through vestibule

I was destined to trudge to north pole
So, I blared the dulcet trumpet, and
I marshalled my resources to move
towards north, and hoist my flag there

It's bright sunny October 2023
with a hint of autumn glare
But an indignant of broken heart
and no use to anyone.

All those lily and frangipani
clustered in my garden
closed their Petal;
Sky became mute and

The melancholy shrouded over my interminable silence,
after she left,
A total void all over!

I buried my heart here about three years back
Under those tall pine and cedar
In a full moon night, when
Silhouette of my love

Sky covered it's face with a head scarf
When dark cloud thundered
All birds are chirping on the terrace
And dilapidated wall next is about to fall;

When my eyes watch misty January night
I see your doleful eyes, dark eyebrows
wet eyelashes and your wailing face;
Your beautiful nose bead, and twin lips

I saw heaven's bounty, when I slumbered,
I seem to see the pristine time marches,
its fleet of minutes through the solemn
night under the friendly silence of quite

Dibakar Purkayastha Biography

The author/poet Dibakar Purkayastha is born in North East India in fifties of last century. He did his entire academics till graduation from Shillong, one small hill station thereat and thus he closely saw both social and cultural activities of different ethnic group of population residing at different states and stations of North east India; and soon he started writing poems and articles in little magazine from very early age. He wrote his maiden novel ‘Log Out North East India' was self published through partridge of USA (a penguin random subsidiary) in 2015 and was widely read in North east India. He contributes columns in leading daily newspaper in Northeast India. As a cultural cognoscenti, he attended many seminars, both virtual and physical of which most prominent was in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2016 as an invited delegate in birth centenary celebrations of eminent singer Dr Bhupen Hazarika along with a galaxy of other dignitaries. His recent fiction novel named ‘socially distanced' on Indian eunuchs, problem faced by them in society, published in New Delhi has been widely accepted by readers all over. Celebrity journalist/author, academicians, PR personals of national level praised high on this work. Many daily newspaper also published comments on this work. His most recent book ‘an ode to Shillong' a book on verse published by Ukohito only. He is also regular contributor in many webzine in India and Bangladesh. He presently resides with his wife and his daughters and continues his literary works at Bangalore, India.)

The Best Poem Of Dibakar Purkayastha

Kiss Of Death

'Why you came so early' I quothed
'I came for our destined rendezvous
In a secluded place I will seize you'
She professed, quickly stepped near
with outstretched arm and crank finger
Quietly she tried for a hug, an embrace
Her pale face came down over my face
She beheld me tightly against that of her
I tried hard to get me released out of fear
Her lips came upon my lip for a long kiss
I threw her with all my might, phew a hiss
'Hold on death, let me pen my last verse
Until I finish, I cannot leave this universe.'

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