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In Praise.
O Sagarmatha the Glorious One
As you gaze upon your white Capped ones.
The(white) mantle of secrecy for the Superior One.

The visions descend when sleep I seek.
The clatter of hooves on cobbled streets.
The dungeons, the caverns
engulfed in deceit.

O Free Soul, you giver of comfort to me,
Your arms, in profusion of red, a must see!
In the sorching sun, unfazed your greenery.
Flitting  guests in your arms, sing their litany.

From the lofty perch where eagles dare.
Would I care to divulge what thoughts and share?
The white water rapids from the emerald tide.
The azure sky with it's spread so wide.

Oh Great worshippers of the Mother
And her many forms.
Look out, open the closet doors!
Centuries of dust have you stored.

Oh große Anbeter der Mutter
Und ihre vielen Formen.
Pass auf, öffne die Schranktüren!
Jahrhunderte Staub haben Sie gespeichert.


Twirling, swirling, on gossamer wings!
Melt me into you, or sweep me off my feet.
As the heavens open up and envelope the green.
Who cannot but be moved by this silent scene.

Like passing ships in the silent nights
Over oceans unknown did we flit past time.
The lights did beckon but the mind discerned.
The Lord did bless you, what's more to yearn?

The Mahadev arrested your 
Mighty Flow,
Or did he consent to let the Earth be pure?
In His meditative benevolence

They say the heart once given-is done.
Takes years to build a relation of a ton.
I see this change in the market today.
Hey you! You there, are  you for sale?

Ils disent que le cœur une fois donné est fait.
Prend des années pour construire une relation d'une tonne.
Je vois ce changement sur le marché aujourd'hui.
Hé toi! Vous êtes là, êtes-vous à vendre?

Softly you settle on the bare apple trees.

Succulent they say the fruits will be.

మందమైన ఆపిల్ చెట్ల మీద మీరు స్థిరపడతారు.

వారు పండ్లు ఉంటుందని వారు చెప్తారు.

Let it not be said,
She loved in vain.
Let it not be said,
From going she refrained.

In gay abandon I dance
to the music from within
In step with the soulmate, I so
remain moulded.

Ne le dis pas,
Elle a aimé en vain.
Ne le dis pas,
De partir, elle s'est abstenue.

Dans gay abandonne je danse
à la musique de l'intérieur
Avec l'âme soeur, je le fais
rester moulé.


Words words words
How powerful the spoken words be,
Our mind, the vast oceans churns ceaselessly.
In anger, the scalding thoughts

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O Sagarmatha

In Praise.
O Sagarmatha the Glorious One
As you gaze upon your white Capped ones.
The(white) mantle of secrecy for the Superior One.
Some sure footed adventurers
Reached to kiss the sun.
On others you laid claim,
They be the unmarked ones.

"We ‘ll tunnel beneath and
Connect lands afar."

O Sagarmatha, the challenge
Went too far!
Mother Earth said, "Nay,
He's my ever rising Son.
In his quiet splendour,
He receives, not everyone.
None dare to settle, once
‘The victory's -done."

Your word was carried
Mother Earth's favoured
From her womb, a restless
Churning this once,
A subtle reminder, for those
Who tread above.
She restored your white folds
Once the upheaval was done.

O Sagarmatha shines your
Forehead in the sky.
The starlight plays on your
Cheekbones high.
The swirling clouds, change
Colours with grace.
Thunder and lightning, here,
In awe, do race.

O Sagarmatha,
The directions, Your Face.
Ageless, Timeless.
O Monarch of the
Himalayan Range.

Note From the Poet: The many names of Mt.Everest.
Sagarmatha: forehead in the sky(Nepalese)
Jomolungma: Mother of the World. (Tibetan) .

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Yvonne Yutenbatch 01 October 2018

I just read that PoemHunter has disabled replies, directly on the comments, maybe that's the reason why other poets are also not able to reply....

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Paul South 16 August 2018

I love this sort of stuff, and write poems similar to this myself.

1 0 Reply
Susan Williams 16 August 2018

Such a beautiful depiction of love! ! Excellent drop. Like to read it again and again.

1 0 Reply
Ratan K 16 August 2018

Amazing work, very good poems

1 0 Reply
Leslie Yackeren 16 August 2018

Everyday I wait, with the expectations that there will be a new poem. Your poems inspire me, thank you. I'm eagerly waiting for your reply.

0 0 Reply
Ramesh Rai 04 October 2018

I just checked Diary, it's like a mobile app built on web, it's tremendously fast. Glad, we can read poems on that now. I am hoping it would feature poems from other poets too.

0 0 Reply
Jenny Weatherall 04 October 2018

I follow your work, and I must say that I'm deeply inspired from you.

0 0 Reply
Pat O''kennedy 01 October 2018

Words is a great poem! ! Why did we not get any notification?

0 0 Reply
Leslie Yackeren 01 October 2018

Ohhhh! ! I just read Words, check that out guys. She's back again, and the wait was worth it! ! Thanks for the poem Divya

0 0 Reply
Leslie Yackeren 01 October 2018

Why have all the problems started to happen with PoemHunter as soon as we discovered such a marvelous poet who was hidden since so long, Divya if you're reading then please find a way, we wouldn't like to miss out on any poems of yours.

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