A Friend Of A Friend Poem by Djean Whitney

A Friend Of A Friend

Rating: 3.5

I realy like you as my friend,
you are such an influence.
We met on this sight,
I read one and I just could'nt get anuf.
My life has changed so much.
Sents I'v read your stuf,
I have changed to an extent I could not have known.
You make me smile,
you make me laugh.
You have given me inspreashon
and encouraged me to work towards my dreams.
I now feel I can be the best I can be,
I'm willing to learn how to take each moment as it comes
and don't have excusses for evreyone.
I'v found the light from out of the darkniss.
I promise you, our friendship is no lie.
All though this helps describe
most of the effects you have on me.
I can't describe the thanks I have for thy.

Thanks J l P for writeing one about me
your the first to do such,
thank you so much!

From a friend to a friend.

Lasoaphia Quxazs 18 January 2012

Hi Djean You wrote a comment on my poem, so I decided to read yours. I always know, that only those people will find my poems who are ready to learn from them. Your poem on friendship is lovely, and who cares about spelling. I came from Hungary, went through starvation, wars, powerty and had many sickness in my time, but it is possible to get well if you find the way to the spirit. Remember, nothing is impossible. That is how I got out of the troubles of my life. I will read more of your poems. This one already beautiful and I do not have to vote on it, already on the top.

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Eyan Desir 18 November 2009

Inspiration...correct spelling Very well express

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awsome... :) :) i loved it XxX

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Her Name Is Taylor 29 April 2009

i want to cry, that was so sweet...

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Jack Price 27 April 2009

I appreciate this poem and I love it. I am so touched by it. I will continue to read your work and I hope that you will read mine also. Don't let anything get in your way. I am so proud of you and so proud to call you my friend! Poetry touches poet too. I will move this poem on to my favorite poems list and read it from time to time when I need some inspiration. Thank you J. L.

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