A Lovely Season Poem by Djean Whitney

A Lovely Season

Rating: 4.1

I can spend it with you
I can go out side and feel the sunshin,
worming up the serfis,
it's a long wate but its worth it.
I wate five mounths to share it with you.
I'm so glad the skys blue.
I feel the cool breas blowing my hair.
I take in a deep breth of fresh air.
look to the sky and say,
this is a lovely day.
Theres so much to do and
I love spending it with you.
so lovely and fair,
what a lovely time of year.
I can go hikign in the hills
or go fishing and walk the trails
take a book and read., drink a cold glass of ice tea.
Take a walk to the park,
holding hands with that speshle someone,
or throw out a blanket and have a piknik with frends.
theres so mush to do it all depends.
No matter what I do
I will be sharing it with you
and that is mainly one of the reasons
this is a lovely season.

Lasoaphia Quxazs 18 January 2012

You have a lovely heart, and positive also. I like your ways how you write, and I do not mind the spelling, because as I said I was a foreign, Hungarian and I did this a lot when I was learning English, and even now I might have some mistakes.

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Eyan Desir 18 November 2009

Well expressed agian...

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Shashendra Amalshan 29 May 2009

wow..that is lovely one indeed..you ve captured a nice photo with your pen..emotions well expressed..nice one10++

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Susan Bagley 22 May 2009

Djean, this is lovely, and do not let your dislyxeia stop you. See if you can find a mentor who will proof them for you before you post them online. I had read your bio before I read your poems so I understood the errors. Others may not take the time and they will not understand. I will read the rest of your poems as time permits. Best of wishes in your endeavor to write.

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