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What have I gotten myself into?
A commune of faggots, dilettantes,
Men In mistaken milieus
Ladies feigning radical chic

I espied a red glint
In between the cracks
On the wooden panels
Of a locked up closet

The foothills are rueful and evasive today
Their outline glow seems palled and
The twilight reluctant to give up the light
The sun a dull emboss on weak pink,

Tell him not to go
Tug at his coat sleeves
Cry out in plea
Won’t you?

Hey! I saw you
I told the breeze as he swooped
And lifted a lady’s skirt
With no one seeing us

Sparrows in my mind
Scratching for ort
Stirring a host
Crowding in my bowels

I lived in depths of a hundred fathoms
Where days are dark and cold
Darting shrimps leave silver streaks
The only light to be seen at noon

Stranger from the highlands and cold climes
Your gaudy costume and cleated shoes
Speak of romance and never ending adventures
What can you tell me of the land that you came from?

The frog proclaims unabashedly
Within hearing of everyone
He brags that he has paid his dues
And did it even before the last hour,

The sounds came rushing in, where did it come from?
Has it always been there? Angels’ halleluiahs, God’s riant laughter
Pervasive, reverberating in crescendo at the gladdening hour,
Trilling with early birds, buzzing, whirring with the bees on morning forage

I come to you now unclothed, unwashed and unabashed,
This is my barest, lowliest, truest self,
With wanton passions brimming, ogling with animal intent
This is me wallowing neck deep in the sweet but unctuous tar pit

Throw the door wide open and rejoice
With spread arms and welcoming laughter
Oh, my beloved is back from a long sojourn
A perilous odyssey in distant shores

each petal that falls even
from the homeliest blossom
is grieved by the congregation
of blooms in the garden

Face with dignity the dreaded Pied Piper
Follow his lead and not hesitate in your stride
The end is everyone’s fate
No argument has ever won its case

Lord I do not wish
To hide from you,
I’m too lazy, I say

On A Far Away Beach At Dawn

Your face is etched in the stars that dot a sky about to lose its black
Mirrored as a reflection on a luminous sheet of sea at low tide

Let’s not talk about terrorism, write, nor broadcast it
No more the sight of blood and gore from dismembered
Carcasses of men and women, young and old, and the tender flesh
Of babies scattered, alighting on treetops and eaves of houses

listless on a sofa,
on a mental walkabout,
upon a surreal scene,
of crumbly purple glades

Eddie Roa Biography

I'm a retired marketing man (market research, advertising, media management, brand management) now taking up the pen to express, entertain, elate, annoy myself. I'm married to Alma, with two kids Eric and Lyn, one grandson from each, Dustin and David.)

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Poesy Defiled

What have I gotten myself into?
A commune of faggots, dilettantes,
Men In mistaken milieus
Ladies feigning radical chic
In pretense of art and sensitivity
Of the unwanted and the ignored
Spewing vulgarity and unabashed behavior
Hiding behind the absurd and the ambiguous
As if fearful of being stripped naked
All in the name of mythical temperaments
And consciously fabricated personae

Poets with fractured verse gather
As in symbiotic safety
Unmindful of grammar formality
Spewing anarchic syntax
Senseless verbiage strung indiscrete
Metaphors unmatched and asinine
Words spelled as heard
Free verse shamelessly abused
Mouthing poetic license as an excuse to
Inflict mayhem on literariness
Drawing attention as avant-garde
The charade lives on, robust and raucous
In the circle of fools

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Joanna Patino 22 January 2009

Funny, I like it! Go Girls!

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