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Taking advantage of the fact,
I always come right back,
I always smear that silly smile,

How can you judge when you don't know,
When you don't have a clue?
Don't think you have any idea,
Just what I'm going through.

When I look into your eyes,
And you see questions in my soul,
Tell me you're all mine,
Don't assume you've shown me,

If I don't see you before you go to work, my Love,
Know that I'll miss you today,
Know that I am proud of what you do,
Know that I love the things you say,

I could over analize this,
And I could scream.
I could spit violent swears,
From my tongue to my lips,

My heart races,
I count your bated breaths,
Smell the sweet,
Dangerous, scent,

I would wrap myself around you,
And hold tight,
I would fight,
For my life.

It is true,
I do not hate you,
Hate, as they say,
Is a strong word,

Please could you pray for mother,
Please could you hug my dad?
Please could you all remember,
All the good times that we had?

I’m made of flesh, bone, and weaknesses,
Your promised me you’d help fix this.
But your not here, I’m so hopeless,
Knives and stress, selfish bliss...emptiness.

I long to forget about those things,
Turn my back to thinks I fear.
I know that you’ll protect me, hon,
Till my problems disappear.

Before I became what I’ve become,
I would have died to know your touch.
Before I learned all that I know,
I would have killed to know this much.

Dear Mother,
Should I be thankful that you bore me,
Into a world so full of shame?
Even though you did so little for me,

The last breath I will waste on you,
Is the breath is takes to say 'I'm Sorry.'
I am sorry for your heart,
I told you I can't be trusted.

You hated me,
You left,
And pathetic,

I miss the way you hurt me,
I miss the way you lied.
I miss the way you were never there,
All those nights I sat and cried.

Sometimes I feel like I could lick you,
Slightly sticky,

I will sink my teeth,
Into you,
Tearing you into little,
Fleshy bits.

I open my eyes,
Only to realize,
That I had been dreaming of you.
I promised myself I would stop,

And there I stood,
A girl for sale,
And you couldn’t look away.
You filled my heart and soul,

Em Jay Christian Biography

Em Jay Christian, age 20, was born on June 10,1990. She has one older brother, Nick. She has been writing since age 9, and has been published in one book of collective poetry (at age 12) and multiple poetic 'Zines' in the years thereafter. She lives now with her Momma, Daddy-o, Brother,3 cats (Persephone, Spazz, and October,) 2 Dogs (Willow and Jack the Ripper,) and 2 Birds (Eliza Dolittle and Henry Higgons.) She spends most of her days either writing, painting, drawing, reading or talking to her father about Politics. She often says it is her greatest ambition to see a complete revolution. When asked what poet she wishes to be most like she replied 'Sylvia Plath would be nice, you know, minus the whole head in the oven thing.' (Biography by Josephine 'Rainie' MacThannats))

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Perhaps The Most Straightforward Thing I Have Ever Said

Taking advantage of the fact,
I always come right back,
I always smear that silly smile,
Right across my face.
Sure she took my place,
Only days after,
But I’m still showing face,
Feigning laughter.
Whatever happened,
To happily ever after,
To I promise?
I will always miss,
Moments like those,
And regret moments like this.
My only weakness,
Not being wanted,
But needed,
Not abused,
Well treated,
Perfect, pristine,
Not tarnished,
But clean.
Truly putrid,
Reeking of product,
And rhetoric.
My body tight,
My wit slick,
My wrists slit,
But my quick wit,
The thing you loved me for,
Oh I’m sure it rhymed with wits,
“Is that a fact? ”
Don’t lie darling,
It’s unbecoming,
Don’t over embellish,
Heart on a string,
Still beating,
A thousand drummers drumming,
A thousand different beats,
Keeping rhythm,
An outstanding feat.
A smile,
Straight stare,
While lying,
To my face,
So why don’t I care?
The truth,
I care too much,
Need proof?
No such luck,
I have spent,
Far too much time,
Making this pretty,
Making this rhyme,
Speaking these truths,
In a way I’m sure you wont get.
Because I can't just,
Come out,
And say this.
It hurts,
Too much to forget,
No, not a regret,
Can’t let myself have those.
A metronome in my mind,
Keeping time,
Counting down,
Until I snap,
Drain my strength,
A gag around me.
I’m drowning,
In despair,
Can’t breathe,
There’s no air.
But that has little to do,
With this,
With you,
It's nothing I cant handle.
I’m a gamble,
You couldn’t take the risk,
You chose to miss out,
On me, on this.
So here it is,
I wrote our love on my wrists,
And with a kiss,
I bid thee ado,
Wish I had missed.
And yes,
I know how this sounds,
But it cant always be about YOU!
I never knew,
I could be through,
Over this,
Over you,
Its true.

Perhaps the most forward thing I’ve ever said.

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Em Jay Christian Popularity

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