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Math Poem

My mind is turning into scrambled eggs!
What is x and y to the power of three?
Whole numbers, mixed numbers and absolute,
exponents, integers and factoring trees.

I Want To Be As Smart As My Cat

The sun rises into the sky,
chasing the sleepy from my eyes.
I take a moment in my head,
to say prayers while in my bed.

Birthing, Living And Dying Alone

Half listening to the radio
tonight in my solitude.
A song plays that I don't know.
the singer is unknown too.

Black Widow

Black widow spider
patiently spins
her web so inviting
she bids you

Whose Life Is This?

Deep in the canyons of my mind
there lives a tranquil, happy time
my aspirations they did soar
my active mind was never bored

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I was born and raised in Roswell, NM and yes, I believe that the alien crash of '47' is true. We had so many weather balloons in that area that even as a child we knew what a weather balloon was. Therefore, the claims by the military that a military trained man could mistake a weather balloon for an alien craft are ludicrous.

I drove an eighteen ...

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