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If I Die Without A Heir

Rating: 4.9

If I die without a heir;
History will be mad at me
For choosing the path so brief
Life would be unfair to me
Having refused I breed
The living will erase my name
The dead will isolate from me
Closed will my chapter be
My labor my foes will reap
Will the earth agree I lived?
Many will deny I exist
Restless I will forever be
Wishing again I live
Roaming the realm of spirit
My joy will be incomplete
Though for my sake many will weep
My name will slip off their lips
Today that I boast I live
Who will forever remember me?
Could it be the class of elites may be the middle men
Will humanity thought of me?
Will they ever wish I live?
Living the way I've always lived
Who among men have enjoyed from my bliss?
Will the sound of gun be heard
Or the cry of metal gong
Will I be given the respect I deserve
By the sons I never had
Whose name will appear on my will?
Who would be the first to know when I leave?
Living like I need no lover
Acting like I've got no concern for another
Behaving like I'm not aware
That some kids truly need care
If I die without a heir
In my abode;
How many souls will my deeds ever draw near?

Sylvia Frances Chan 13 July 2021

Most deserving as The Member Poem Of The Day. Aptly worded and so pleasant to read. Congratulations with the TMPOTD.5 Stars full for this well captured poem.

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Razmataz Utafet 13 July 2021

Nice poem. Creative work.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 13 July 2021

What a wonderful poem! Pulsating expression... sincerely admired and appreciated this wonderful piece of work!

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Congratulations for having this poem chosen as Poem Of The Day. An accolade you truly deserved.

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A heartfelt and wonderful poem well expressed. Interesting thoughts to ponder about.

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Unnikrishnan E S 25 November 2021

A totally new way of approaching life. Loved it. " Restless I will forever be" marvellous

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Dr Dillip K Swain 23 October 2021

If I die without a heir; History will be mad at me For choosing the path so brief Life would be unfair to me....great expression.

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Chinedu Dike 27 July 2021

Insightful utterances set aside for deep reflective thought. Very powerfully and movingly brought forth. Thanks for sharing, Bro.

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Thanks to you all for your comments and commendation i am grateful.

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Kim Barney 13 July 2021

Congrats for member poem of the day!

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