Africa My Beginning And Africa My Ending <Fusion> Poem by Ernest Makuakua

Africa My Beginning And Africa My Ending <Fusion>

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Today I woke up in Africa and as the sun rise in the morning I remembered in Africa I was born and Africa I still live in Africa my beginning Africa my ending inspired by INGOAPELE MADINGOANE

The soil and souls of my mothers and forefathers never knew they would die so young
They never knew probably one day they would be free
Hmm oh Africa I am just a son from a son living under the blazing hot sun of Africa my beginning and Africa my ending

Bow down to God and gods sometimes consumed by the worlds largest perplexed environment the torment and torture do I forget where I come from remember in life we have different views and people make sure that they tell you something right while they add a little wrong in order to leave you confused in where you belong
I knew in Africa my beginning and Africa I'm ending even Moses was born in Egypt and his soil was calling him you cannot run away from who you are where you come from Africa my beginning and Africa my ending.

Traditions in this nation need to take action before Africa is buried again by the world's greed
Giving away our riches and remain poor still say we are proudly African surviving in only river water and the air we breathe the grace of our Lord upon us They stole our land remember freedom was sold on a silver platter so that they may remain rich while the poor remains poor and still we have leaders who won't recognize Africa as their own well if they did I mean there would be differences yet we have borrowed trademarks invading our beautiful soil
Africa my beginning and Africa my ending

I wonder, what is democracy? The meaning of the word? I mean the reason they called it democracy or maybe they actually meant democrazy in Africa
Africa my beginning and Africa my ending
I remembered a poet in Africa my beginning and Africa my ending INGOAPELE MADINGOANE
He said in his poem I quote 'They came from the west sailing to the east with hatred and disease flowing from their flesh and burden to harden our lives they claimed to be friends when they found us friendly and when foreigner met foreigner they fought for reign exploiters of Africa
Africa my beginning and Africa my ending
Suckers on my country laid their sponges flat on its soil and absorbed its resources to fill their coffers Agostinho spoke in the language of poets that they went away in multitudes and forgot their hearts behind but late is never a bad start in Africa my beginning and Africa my ending

No easy way to freedom all these years black hopeful men food being their wish courage their pay Until Africa was respected for a leader had emerged from the bush to Maputo Viva frelimo'
End of quote
I could name all that has happened in our beautiful continent Soweto flames, Sharpeville massacre, Namibia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe Africa my beginning and Africa my ending your stories never seem to end and as I am African from Africa living in Africa Ending in Africa

Africa My beginning and Africa my ending change is no more should we fold our Arms and watch and do absolutely nothing. Well my dear poet would say his famous words 'Africa my beginning and Africa my ending' well I am The Legendary poet in this Fusion I Stay in Africa My Producer and Africa my home

Africa My Beginning And Africa My Ending <Fusion>
I am an African From Africa sharing an african story with the world beyond africa
Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 13 January 2016

Dear Ewa, I find this a very beautiful poem, filled with great passion and strong emotions for your country and continent, Africa, and looking back at the past history on subjugation and colonization. I took time to read it and realize how important that your punctuation marks are in order. Punctuation marks are great help to make reading easier for readers. You may possibly look through again and observe the necessary punctuation marks. You may need to be sure how you form the structure of your lines in every verse. Otherwise, I find this as a very powerful poem from a heart of a poet. Thanks for asking for my comment.

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Ernest Makuakua 13 January 2016

thanks will do

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Edward Kofi Louis 15 January 2016

Our beautiful soil in Africa! Nice work.

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Ernest Makuakua 23 January 2016

thank you for reading and your view

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Kelly Kurt 19 January 2016

A proud and well told perspective of the continent

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Ernest Makuakua 26 November 2019

Thank you friend I'm honoured

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jaccy 25 November 2019

amazing piece..outstanding! ! !

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Sindiswa Ndamane 02 June 2016

Great poem, i relate it to mine titled I am A child of the black soil.... this is amazing, thanks for sharing...

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Ernest Makuakua 01 June 2016

Hello Mr Luo Zhihai

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Luo Zhihai 01 June 2016

Hello! My poetic friend! !

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