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The sun peeks through the horizon
In the wake of another day
As heart drums, breathe waves
Vibrations inside veins

They are simply words
World peace human right
They are mere utterance
Now who spoke for them?

With a gentle touch and a move slow
A light streamed through my window
Taking a twinkling steps
The ray danced upon my face

Mystic beauty
endless pleasure
filled with eternity
cascade like a fall

When desire takes over
Insatiable need overrides
The mind will run a prize less one
An endless distance …

Just a thought
An idea escape
Bang, bang
Knocking the head

I bright the darkness
I am a lantern
A feeble light I am
Without my enclosure

A lullaby as silence sings
Back and fourth the soul swings
Caressing and with gentle embrace
A lullaby as silence plays

I am not only a face
But a creation of His hands
To the world a giver
I am a pure soul

Today, from the whip of slavery
On my back there is no weal
But the legacy, history and old days
They gripped my mind, prejudice to feel.

Float me upon the source of the Nile
Where the sky meets the water
And let me sing...
'Row, Row, little boat

We are colors, colors to time
With varying tones
We fade away as life goes
We are colors, colors to life

Marching down high altitude
Engulfed by white solitude
Avalanches of snow pile upon
The aching part of the lonely soul

You are like a mirror, I am its reflection
You are like a drum, I am its vibration
You are like a waterdrop, I am its rainbow
You are like a tree, I am its bough.

Scattered dreams
Dispersed like motes of dust
Came together
Highlighted by shaft of light

Take any thing you want
from my body parts
if it looks good on you
take my hair,

Compass of freedom directs us within
In our soul freedom tunes, songs of redemption
Let not liberty die in our heart
Let not freedom dwindle in our mind

Through a settled spirit
A wandering mind,
And calm of my conscious
Inside my head I heard silence

Bumps and detour, even or steep
we travel a road without an end
This road of life...
To journey along choices it has

As the grass submits to the power of the wind
So does the hands to the melody of the songs
So s..l..o..w
Like David's dance before the arc

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I am who I am.)

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**musical Notes Of Life **

The sun peeks through the horizon
In the wake of another day
As heart drums, breathe waves
Vibrations inside veins
Alert the soul;
Though and reason
Move notes of live within

Real self wrestled with the ideal
Arrange sounds of being in time
As inner peace champions the soul
Our life just plays on…
Like good music
Delight to the heart
Nice to the ears

Mind and soul struggle
To define time with vision
Dreams challenged with who we are
Conducts life musical bar
Yet, inharmonic each day unfolds
As hope give way to chaos

Unified or in disarray
The mind compose its play
Our actions write the lyric
Being in time make music
Music for life…
Performed to the audience
To the watching universe
To the world concert it shows
Composed in notes as each day goes

Existence in universe makes music
The sun rises every morning
Another day comes to be
It’s a new note musical key
Harmonized or in disarray
The mind composes its play
Musical notes of life…

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p.a. noushad 24 March 2009

my heart gets bliss on your verses.

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Zoe Abel 14 September 2007

You seem to be a great person and a proud ethiopian.keep on doing what u believe in because 'if u believe hard enough it will come true.' ciao fasika

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Aliya Deri 27 June 2007

great style...also a great perspective on MidEast culture, which is so often misrepresented and stereotyped in Western culture. Thanks Fasika for your insight!

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Fasika Ayalew Quotes

Metaphysical! ! 'At face value, pregnancy is a mere proof of sexual activity, time of remarkable physical change, it's either a plot to knot the loose end of a fragile relationship or an icon to crown the happy beginning of a married life. At the deepest level the actual experience of it transcends the common sense. Pregnancy is being called as God's assistance in His ingenious works of the marvels of creation. Nature exclusively takes over and the body obeys in translating the divine blue print of life to reality. It is feeling the miraculous Hands of God weave fabrics of life from flesh and blood, an extraordinary at the same time nauseating experience, a master piece of the works of His Hands. Taking part in creation and witnessing the wonders of nature is a mind boggling Journey. You feel the presence of the Creator beating through your veins, the seed of life sprouting and the spasms of transient yet unbearable pain bringing fourth the gift of God- A Child.' Fasika Ayalew

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Fasika Ayalew Popularity

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