Poem - Talking To You Poem by Floy Dy Ra Aka Floyd Floydson

Poem - Talking To You

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What is a poem more
than a likeness of your face
the aspect of your words I adore
baked at one´s leisure as a cake before

Who writes who reads who edits first
is given yourself by its worth
delighted by inspiration and earth
by fist done thoughts
quickly consigned to writing
for none lose the train of thoughts

A mirror made by words
a reflection in light
telling deeper secrets of knowledge
by mortality of life

Engraved with your image
as loud and quite
to maunder in reality
a melody on your journey at night

A poem with attached importance in ink
a tune of nothing
a sound of rhythm and rhyme
in the reflection of yourself and outer shine

What is a poem less
than a shadow of a light
a sparkling shape
a brief flashing of Almight´

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Floy Dy Ra,2013/01/06

Dr Antony Theodore 17 September 2015

delighted by inspiration, A mirror made by word, image, reality, light and rhyme. so these are points i got from your poem. thank you very much dear poet. tony

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Dear Roongratt my dear poet - thanks by heart - because you give me the impulse - to translate - my own words in a unique ink - I would like to give you - a lot of hugs - due to your wink: -)

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Roong S 06 January 2013

wow..this is amazing! I love the way you used the words and how you rhymed it...so beautiful thanks for sharing :)

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