Identity Poem by Floy Dy Ra Aka Floyd Floydson


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Listen identity
my name was chosen
by my parents
before I came
and after birth
a note was bound
at my toe what a shame

My parents
called my name
and my heart beats
but I was a human
without an ID-card
also when I fall asleep

My identity
is not my passport
not my name
not my land
not what I write
with my free hands

My identity
is not my color
not my size
not my language
or my character
even not my price

My identity
is not my dental filling
my eye color
or my hair
not my fingerprint
my job or my salary

My identity
is different
from me
because it is
to separate me

Separates me
from girls and boys
even from twins
and natural

Separates me
from religions
politics and class
is written
in my document of birth
and my testament at last

This identity
is given by state
to control
where I am
even to find me
paying no toll

But my own
identity is my life
are my parents
is my wife
are my children
and my friends

my identity
the promised land
is the playground of my soul.

(c) All Rights Reserved
Floy Dy Ra,09/22/2012
aka Floyd Floydson

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: identity
Sylvia Frances Chan 04 May 2021

My identity IS the promised land is the playground of my soul.How splendid conclusion The Promised Land, safe, peace and honesty in this playground. Magnificent poem!

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Shahzia Batool 03 October 2012

A very unique poem...beautiful....

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Eindaray Kyaw 27 September 2012

I appreciate this poem..sir May you be able live happily and healthily together with your identities..

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Allemagne Roßmann 27 September 2012

written magnificently well..i appreciate

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