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Viet Nam was my mentor. words make my veins run.)

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Rub my pot belly.

I smoke it, not poke it.

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Untitiled and unnamed 12 September 2007

Not sure what to make of your writes, or 2 line so called poems...maybe i am missing something? ? but its beyond me.

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Lee Degnan 21 September 2007

I think 'To each, his own' applies here.

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Lucianne Fasolo 24 September 2007

Why do you keep erasing what you post? ... Your poems still look to me like jokes. But yes, to each his own...: P

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David N. Degnan 09 October 2007

Utter randomness. How sad, when one resorts to mixing up the caps to 'Mike's Hard Lemonade/limeade' bottles, and posting whatever words so happen to turn up. Come back when you feel like TRYING to write poems, not random words.

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Peter Stavropoulos 10 October 2007

I enjoy reading your poems. Effective.

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Howard Mcdougal 12 September 2014

Fred could be more but he is actually less.......pipe ipper =poem drip..

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Agnes Török 17 January 2009

Your poems are beautiful. They're original, creative, thoughtful and ironic. and honestly I don't see why anyone would think anything else. Really; keep it up, Your making poetry history. Agnes

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Ray Mesa 15 January 2009

your work sounds like the words mumbled under the breath of a serial killer before they attack. and that's awesome. keep up the good work, any fan of free-association will gladly keep reading.

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I AM SOOO OUT OF HERE 21 March 2008

Personally I think 'fred' is one of Angie's alter-ego's. So sad!

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James Milks 22 January 2008

fred I honestly don't know what to think about your poems. On one hand, they are less poetry then a satirical look at the modern world. I do tend to read everything that you have posted. I haven’t yet figured out how I feel about your poetry sometimes it makes me think other times I dismiss it as self indulgent. Yet somehow, I get the feeling that is exactly what you are looking to do writing more for your own enjoyment then for others, and honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. Keep writing and I will keep readin

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