Kumarmani Mahakul Freedom Poems


Freedom means a condition of being free,
There is no one to butt in, it is growing tree.
It does also mean to one's civic liberty,
We mean independence and liberty on duty.

What Is Freedom

Freedom, freedom, freedom,
We need freedom, they need freedom,
You need freedom, everyone needs freedom.
What is freedom?

Freedom Rain Where

Where has my freedom gone?
You have caged me in cage
And you have offered butter,
Bread, cherry, tomato and many,

We Find This Freedom

At this early morning we sing
Birds too sing with us in joy
New light rays come up near
No obstacles we face we feel.

Flight Of Freedom

We are free birds, we are free!
We have freedom of living
And we have freedom of flying,
Like others we have rights in Earth,

Fearless Freedom

Soul is awakened at right moment,
He has learnt the art of driving body,
For development of inner beauty,
Soul has done perseverance

Holy Song Of Freedom

Something is special, today you ping,
The holy song of freedom we all sing.

Ring you ring the ring, you feel zing,

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