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Have you ever been to the Philippines?
My true country, the place you need to see.
Look for all of it's natural beauty
Travel across by air, by land, by sea.

What caused your hat to fall?
Alas, the wind started it all.
The wind can sometimes be deadly
But what happened to you really?

The stares faded across the dim lit room.
I sat there alone with no one to share my doom.
I stared at the door, waiting and waiting.
I will be devoured soon by the darkness of gloom.

I stared blankly among the crowd,
Searching for a face I'm very proud.
Dancing feet and holding hands,
Pair of hearts swaying with the bands.

Yes, she is. Of course she is.

She's the girl with the pretty face

She's My Mother
She makes the best of bad situations

She supports my crazy inhibitions

I slowly drift away when I saw you holding her hand
I was crushed so I just ran away
But why do I feel that way
I knew from the start what we were.

You're my kryptonite.

Just like Superman,

Like a fountain of water

Kissing you throughout

A delusion.

An illusion.

Mi Cara, the way your lips smile

Make me want to stay for a while.

I really envy a child running outside
Because here I am lying on my bed
Waiting for the bright light
To shine upon my head.

</>Remember me, not as the girl you used to see
For I have grown into a lady.
Remember me, not as the girl that used to be jolly
For I have grown into a life full of misery.

</>Another episode of her life
Waiting for fate to strike.
'Hold my hand.', she said.
Is it true or just a barrel of lies?

I heard a new lullaby.
It made me decide to come by.
As if it was a beautiful song
That made me want to come along.

I knew a man who was in love with a woman
But he was fire and she was ice.
They can never be together some say
But why do others say opposites attract.

I had a reverie. I was starstrucked.
I was walking with someone I do not know.
I suddenly remembered my mom.

The wind struck my hair
As if it was about to fell.
The sun smiles at my face
As if it was shining on my lace.

Silence never awed me at all
For it is like hell that always thralls.
Listen as your heart beats,
What does it feel to have it throb?

This is no laughing matter
But I prefer the latter.
What will I do if I am not better,
Will I succumb to sleep forever?

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Live. Love. Let Go. Life is for Living. There's a reason why God gives us Second Chances.)

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Philippines: The Place You'D Love To Be

Have you ever been to the Philippines?
My true country, the place you need to see.
Look for all of it's natural beauty
Travel across by air, by land, by sea.
Enjoy all the beautiful sceneries.
The Pearl of The Orient as we know it
Where the sun rises like the golden rays
And it welcomes you with a tight embrace.
In Luzon, hop through the Hundred Islands.
In Visayas, see the Chocolate Hills.
In Mindanao, climb up the Mount Apo.
And all of these places you need to see,
Satisfy your eyes with the sceneries.
The Philippines is where you need to be.

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Georgia Leana Benedictos Popularity

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