Haiku For Love And Forgiveness Poem by Ghada Shahbender

Haiku For Love And Forgiveness

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Deep hurt is deep love
love equals forgiveness too:
I now forgive you

Andy Konisberg 10 May 2005

Is a pseudo sumo-wrestler just someone who purchases diapers? I don't know.

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Ghada Shahbender 10 May 2005

LOL Mark! first attempt at Haiku. apprehensions well founded: (

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Andy Konisberg 10 May 2005

I'll give you a '10' for the sentiment. I am in a mood for some positivity around this site and you certainly are doing your bit for that. Simple equation, but I like the way you put it...you could have just said something bland about love but you chose to incorporate 'deep hurt' and forgiveness as part of love...and this can be read as a series of events...line one- an argument and the reason why it hurt is inherent in the line 'deep love'...line 2- someone contemplating their actions and not necessarily believing they were wrong but...line 3- offering reconciliation anyway...'love' is more important than who was right...

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Chinedu Dike 22 November 2019

A concise and poignant verse, well conceived and elegantly brought forth with artistic brilliance. An awesome work of art. Thanks for sharing, Ghada.

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Colleen Courtney 29 April 2014

Forgiveness is such a wonderful trait!

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Suzan Gumush 22 December 2006

Forgivness is strength. Great poem. Best wishes suzan

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Nasra Al Adawi 11 May 2005

It takes a strong willpower to forgive those who hurt us the most. I agree with Adrienne Barnathan your work goes so deep

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Adryan Barnathan 10 May 2005

This is a beautiful Haiku Ghada...says so much and is worth cherishing....with this kind of sentiment...hope travels...first, from within our own hearts (to forgive ourselves) , then outward (to forgive our partners and family) ... then, out into the world...where forgiveness needs to be applied~ Thank you for this! ! !

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