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Govind is a sophomore at Trinity School in New York. He is also the founder of a non-profit organization: Youth Against Sexual Assault (YASA) . Govind has attended Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the summers of 2014 and 2015 studying Economics and Computer Science. He is deeply interested in studying the classics and is focused on Latin and S ...

Govind Ramakrishnan Poems

Fragrance (Haiku)

in this cup of tea
i smell the jasmine flower
is it a full moon?

Bearing Any Grudges

I stare
At this barren
Winter tree


Bearing Hera's curse
She could only
The last words

Burglar Of Hearts

My blue lord
Is no
Butter thief

Cosmic Couple (Palindrome)

Shiva and Shakti
Dancing in union
Spirit and matter
Primordially paired...

Govind Ramakrishnan Comments

Stephen Park 10 March 2016

Your poems are truly magical and uplifting to read. You write about a lot of interesting topics and your poems bring a vivid image to the forefront. I also notice your economy of words and the fact that most poems are less than 50 words. Amazing that you say so much with so little. Hallmark of a great poet

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Gil Highlander 03 March 2016

This is a very impressive body of work. Your poems leave the reader thinking for a while. You have a great eye for detail and superb metaphors that light up your poems. Keep up the great work

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Jonathan Barton 29 February 2016

As someone who dabbled in poetry in high school, I am humbled by the depth and breadth of Govind's collection of poems. From the topical and light, to the acute and profound, from the meditative and spiritual to the beautiful and sublime, yet in all cases lyrical and perceptive. Bravo - and I hope you long continue along this path of reflection and creative construction.

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Denis Mair 27 February 2016

It's good to see that a highly motivated young activist and scholar is also trying to achieve something in the realm of poetry. Poetry needs youths who aspire to great undertakings, just as it needs their passion to woo the haughtiest of hearts. However, it also needs the mindset of a humble craftsman who potters in a workshop and forages for fresh materials. Heroic aspiration can make a poem top heavy, unless a groundwork of reflection has been laid. It's admirable to see a young person venture into this arena where rewards are intrinsic and achievements are hard to measure.

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Egwu Collins 11 August 2016

Ur poems inspire me so much I can't stop reading

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The Truth 09 February 2018


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A. Madhavan 24 November 2016

Saw, heard your Durga Kural. I am old, when a boy I recited a prayer to Savitr every morning. Seven decades ago. PH gave me a few centimeters. 'Deergaayushman bhava'. A.Madhavan

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Stephen Park 21 September 2016

Superb poem. There is a mystical quality to this poem. Echo- Greek's pride and joy

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Shona Wilson 20 August 2016

hi Govind - i just discovered your lovely Senryu Yantra. I am a sculptor in Australia and my latest series of works relate to yantra. I am researching about this to make little 'medicine bags' which relate to each of the 7 artworks. I am hoping you will be happy for me to include your poem Yantra in those bundles. They will be closed and for the buyers to open only but I am happy to reference you elsewhere publicly also. Please let me know. My show is in 1 month but publicity happening now. If you wish i can email you an inage of the works - in the meantime is my website - namaste!

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