Hamd Ejaz

Hamd Ejaz Poems

1. Pain 6/13/2009
2. Gaze 6/13/2009
3. Past Memories 6/13/2009
4. Sometimes 6/13/2009
5. Friends 6/14/2009
6. Rain 6/15/2009
7. Deja-Vu 6/15/2009
8. Dialogue 6/19/2009
9. Massacre 6/25/2009
10. Loved 'N' Lost 6/25/2009
11. ? ? ? ? ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 7/22/2009
12. A Timeless Tale 6/25/2009
13. Love 6/13/2009
14. Separation 6/13/2009
15. Beauty 6/13/2009
16. Dreams 6/14/2009
17. Farewell 6/14/2009
18. But, You Love Me! 6/26/2009

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But, You Love Me!

once more, i remembered;
the time of dustless dawns
when the aurora used to rise behind two clenched hands; now one!
when the shadow of two lovers; one soul; used to greet the coming sun!
the time of elegant evenings
when pearls used to pour down on our cheeks; our lips!
when our lips; glistening with pearls; ornamented the red oysters on our rims!
once more, i remembered all those moments!

Once more, i remembered;
the time of thunder-storms
when the column of thunder imitated in your eyes; through the gloom
when you used to hide yourself in my arms ...

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we are frozen by time
separated by ages
and held back by ego's
NOW, this does not cause anymore pain
perhaps my soul is already slain

BUT, why is this not true?
To my suffering, i would not give any clue?

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