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Funeral End For My Friend

Rating: 4.0

I am standing at your funeral
Ready to say good bye

I am standing here
Ready to cry

Memories for me to recall
Of my first ball

Climbing tall trees
Skined up knees

Swinging High
Touching the sky

When I returned
Your arms were there

Wraping me
With warmth comfort and care.

I am wondering why
This could'nt last?

Ending Days
Of my childhood past

Grave site train
Tears turn to torrid rain

Good bye mother
There never will be another

Sadness is my care
My heart has a tear..

Outside waiting funeral hearse,
Taking from me, without coerce,

Your touch is far away
Angels guiding your way.

Hanae Meloul 28 April 2008

a beautiful poem deep i like it, keep it up.

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Hollie Getter 17 April 2008

I feel that you are not truly tapping into your elements. It seems too much emphasis was placed on rhyming and not enough on the raw moments that split ourselves from human to poet. Not that i'm saying humans aren't poets or vice versa just that there is a balance lost between verbal intimacies and existing. By the way i'm the worste speller known to be a poet so excuse any errors. Also, your title is misleading in a sense...but then again, in the rarity of a moment, it is a poets job to reach his highest or lowest peaks, and in doing so he reaches those along the same peaks. I may not just be on your peak. Your a writer, i appriciate you, keep it up because it is the balance of a lost mans soul-in my opinion. Thanks for allowing me to put my input. Hollie

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Cassidy Montgomery 17 April 2008

Wow it's wonderful I love it.

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Ameera Aidrus 17 April 2008

Your deep feelings appear for sumone u like truely! gud write

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Emi Raye 17 April 2008

Wow I like it. Its really good n sad...

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Kimberly Hilliker 07 November 2010

A heartfelt poem, Howard. I enjoyed reading your words. Read my 'When You Think of Me' poem. It's about dealing with death. You might appreciate its content. Best wishes to you.

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Adeline Foster 17 October 2008

A wonderful tribute to your mother. I’m sure I didn’t read it wrong, the last comment said him. Adeline

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Reshma Ramesh 13 October 2008

may his soul rest in peace............beautiful peice

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James B. Earley 30 July 2008

We never really lose a loved one in death.....for we do have the memory. Please read 'Is Not...Perception....Reality.'

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Dee Daffodil 03 May 2008

Howard...I'm so sorry that I missed this sad time in your life. Losing a parent isn't an easy thing to deal with. You've created a lovely tribute to her in your poem...I think that she would be pleased. My thoughts are with you. Hugs, Dee

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