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And when we met
In the naked forest
The night failed
To mask the brightness

Morning -
bright and cold,
A new beginning -
A messenger of hope.

She was a girl I met on my journey.
Her eyes were almost black
And her favourite colour
Was black too.

The miles,
The journey
To an awakening
In the midst of a desert,

The quiet,
early April wind
touches discreetly
the blinder.

Morning Dew

Yesterday the fog lifted gently
And the morning was as pure as usual.

Seventy times and seven
I recollect a place I have never been.
Where my hand was in your hand
And the sky was dreamily in fire.

And the rain
Hushed the engines -
I can hear
Verses now.

The beginning and the end
Of all that's beautiful and true
It's in Your hands,
It is You.

The moon is pale, it is cold.
Its glow is weak and feeble,
Yet its grip is strong.
Sometimes I stand and stare,

Day by day.
In your heart

In a summer night
After the heat of the day
We are sitting under a murmuring tree
Like children trilled for the first time

Sweet caress of the wind -
The immaculate blue of the sky,
And the fresh sap green
Under the warm embrace

Somewhere beyond
The thick masses of grey
The brilliance of the sun
Invincibly reigns.

I remember you now -
Your eyes known so much
Of the cruelty of life.
Up the hill in summer

Are you happy?
Where the roses grow
Happiness could be found.
Where birds spread wings

I miss you -
It's so strange.
I've never even kissed you -
Does it make a change?

So night follows day,
Days are drenched in gray
Nights embraced in mist
And warmth emitting lights.

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A Meeting

And when we met
In the naked forest
The night failed
To mask the brightness
Flaring our invisible eyes.

There was the moon,
Ghastly peering through -
A smeared face of silver.
We failed to vanish -
You saw me,
And I saw you.

You were wrapped in silence,
Abandonment and solitude.
Like a flame of sadness
Your shadow passed me by.

In the naked forest
Where we met
Dusk was falling discreetly.
Branches bare and black
Pierced the crisp air.

Blushing, a crimson shadow,
I leaned beside a tree.
Something was burning -
I saw you,
And you saw me.

Cold gush of air -
A stroke on my cheek.
Hiding in the warmth of my hair
I watched you floating away.

A flame of sadness,
Crimson shadow beside a tree,
A ghastly silver face
Peering through bare branches -
The moon, the forest and we.

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