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Strangers walk in distant lands
In jungles dense, on desert sands
But who'd have thought I'd live with one
Or give him love and call him son

Society deems the strong hold the power
The weak are controlled then slowly devoured
Guided by greed with no will of their own
Some lives will be shattered by the toss of a stone


Locked in a cell of insanity, she weeps
Nothing left but the memories she keeps
Chained to the past by cold misery
Stuck in the past, no future to see

I bet you thought I'd come crawling back to you
Like so many times before
Now I hold the cards and the games will now begin
So anti up, lets play once more

Darkness calls like the doomsday bell
The sandman watches beneath hooded veil
Say your prayers before you sleep
For the dreams he weaves will make you weep

Clouds cross over a hazy moon
Too late to hide, the time is soon
Anticipation makes my body shake
Have I made a fatal mistake?

I went to a party at the House of Cards
Discontent and Dispair were standing guard
The Doorway to Destiny stood open wide
And a Fountain of Tears flowed just inside

As I wake from my dreams of an unhappy past
I cry for I live in the shadows that they cast
From my lonely bed of sorrow, I rise for the day
As I wipe the teardrops from my eyes, I kneel down and pray

There's a story I'd like to tell you
It seems like only yesterday
About a girl who loved so blindly
Chapter one starts out this way

With hands clenched at my side, I stand in rage
How could this happen, I screamed to the sky
I gave up my heart, my body, my soul
What I thought was true love, was but just a lie

I fell asleep last night only to wake in a dream
All I could see was a hazy mist that rose from the ground
When I reached out to touch it, it wasn't as it would seem
And though I never felt frightened, my heart began to pound

Little girl with heart pure and sweet
Running around on bare little feet
Nobody knows the dark secrets she bares
Behind innocent smiles, she thinks nobody cares


Dark rain falls on dead of night
Emotions locked in bitter fight
Fists of rage reach for the sky
Silent tears fall from my eyes

Defeated in the battle of love
I stand alone with my sword of hope
The onslaught of pain
Was almost too much for me to cope

I do not regret the roads I have traveled in life
And for the many wrong turns I have taken
I've no one to blame but myself for any pain
I've had to endure because I was mistaken

Crushed like the red rose underfoot
the heart blackens and dies
No more will she believe hollow promises
and dusty tears she cries

I live in the darkness of the unforgiven
Where love always seems forbidden
Loneliness and frustration taunt me
The ghosts of love past haunt me

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I am not the black sheep of the family. I am the wolf.)

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Strangers walk in distant lands
In jungles dense, on desert sands
But who'd have thought I'd live with one
Or give him love and call him son

The pride I felt to see you walk
The joy I had to hear you talk
From babe in arms through toddler years
I kissed your hurts and dried your tears

The teen years came with such defiance
Wrapped in rage and bitter silence
The bond we shared has grown apart
The pain I feel has broke my heart

I did my best through times of strife
You gave me love, you've blessed my life
I love you son, I want no other
For after all, I am your Mother

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