We Can, We Must Poem by Ima Ryma

We Can, We Must

Rating: 5.0

We, all people of planet Earth
Know of the hate gone on before,
And know that hate has not been worth
The high price paid in constant war.
Of billions of us now alive
Around the world, we've let a few
Let all the hate and war still thrive.
To make all better, we need do
Coming together heart and mind,
And bring determination of
Achievement for all humankind,
Of life in harmony and love.

Among us we must choose to lead,
Those who will bring true peace indeed.

Nabakishore Dash 17 April 2023

A very insightful poem, congrats dear poet for pod.

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Congratulations on this poem getting selected as Poem of the Day, Ima Ryma. Well done.

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D.N. Rebb 17 April 2023

We can, we must because we've all lived it before

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Jayne Louise Davies 17 April 2023

Congratulations on POD x Well done Ima : ) x

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Brooke Renwick 17 April 2023

I have noticed a subtle change in politeness on the internet lately. Maybe this will become a new way to communicate with each other now and into the future. There are still haters [don't get me wrong].It just seems that the bar has been raised slightly recently.

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