Ina Davila Poems

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Take the pain i give
Take the pain i live
The blood runs down these old walls
Everything you know and love just falls

Congratulations, I Hate You

the cuts upon his wrist are deep.
he takes the razor across his skin
making the cuts deeper
making more pain to forget her

I Miss You

i switch the blade back and forth
your name imprinted into my hand
my face is tearstained and has a shocked expression
i cant believe you left me in my time of need

How Much He Loves Her

she sits quietly on the floor
her blue eyes glitter in the darkness
they're still moist from the tears
silence runs throughout the house


Bleeding It Out

though his tears flow gently down his cheeks.
hes finally happy.
he never knew how to love.
he was hurt so badly.

Close My Eyes

I hate all of this
I never wanted any of it
Your voice whispered sweetly in my ear
But I cant bear to stare at you anymore

Can You Hear The Screams?

running through a dark alley
rushing through a nightmare
heartbeats racing till it just quits
screams are to be heard

Lovable Suicide

Falling from the highest point of the day,
Falling for the one I love so I can lay,
Lay in the dirt, where I belong
Laying there, singing one song


You once stole my heart
But you made all the pain start
My tears fall when I hear your name
And now it fills me up with shame