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i lay in seth's arms as i'm sleeping. i feel her breath upon my neck and the coldness of her lipring as it's pressed to my cheek. i feel the beating of her heart as it's pressed to mine. it's beating rapidly. her breathing remains normal. her eyes meet mine as i awake. her vibrant, faded green eyes are surrounded by thick, black eyeliner. a sleek but beautiful smile crosses her face. her sweet voice pushes out of her throat. 'hello jello, ' she says 'finally awake? '. i reply in a nod, then stretch. her embrace lightens upon me so i have room. when i lay back to normal, she cuddles up in my arms. she plays with my lipring as my eyes shut again. i feel seth's hands run through my hair. i rub her back gently. it's soft and smooth. i feel her lips press against my neck. they're warm, her lipring remains ice cold though. she nuzzles my head gently to move. i move my head to the side just a little bit as she rests her head upon my shoulder. her breathing continues normally. the breath she breathes tickles my neck slightly. i don't mind. i remain laying there as seth whispers in my ear. her words sound so sweet. they say 'i love you'.