Indranil Bhaduri Poems

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End Of Existence

A breathing bud of life
Lived inside her womb,
Waiting to take a plunge
Into the beautiful crooked world,

The Boat

As the sun shone bright
Over the intense deep blue ocean,
The small boat smoothly sailed,
Moving calmly over the mild waves,


Walking down the rough streets of life
I am truly all alone,
With hopes of new dreams turning true,
Olden days are long bygone.


I gazed towards the window
And found a caterpillar crawling,
With eager thoughts in my heart
I kept myself staring.

Could You Say?

When you smile with a cheerful face
Touching my soul staying far far away,
I dream of you with a delightful mind
And live for you every night and day.

An Addict's Dream

It was midnight hours as he laid,
Listening to the clock which just struck twelve,
Rolling over the dirty floor
With ever intense pain,


There it was a deadly silence, grasping all around!
The insects rejoiced, slowly crawling, causing yet no sound.
Pitch darkness prevailed then, all across the land!
And there walked a human figure, a lit-up lamp in his hand.

Crumpled Piece Of Paper

I was all alone
With the pale candle light burning by my side.
Disturbed thoughts and isolated mind
Eating up my soul.

A Painter's Dream

It was midnight as I painted
The voluptuous figure of a long-haired woman,
Calmly lying on her death-bed with closed eyes,
Trying to remember her days of lost love,


Some expressions are made for you,
Some words speak to care,
Some lines are penned to view,
Some thoughts live to share.