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End Of Existence

A breathing bud of life
Lived inside her womb,
Waiting to take a plunge
Into the beautiful crooked world,

The Boat

As the sun shone bright
Over the intense deep blue ocean,
The small boat smoothly sailed,
Moving calmly over the mild waves,


Walking down the rough streets of life
I am truly all alone,
With hopes of new dreams turning true,
Olden days are long bygone.


I gazed towards the window
And found a caterpillar crawling,
With eager thoughts in my heart
I kept myself staring.

Could You Say?

When you smile with a cheerful face
Touching my soul staying far far away,
I dream of you with a delightful mind
And live for you every night and day.

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Rumi Roy 05 December 2012

Well, here is a poet who does write with great variety. The subjects, the intensity, the dark thoughts and the romance in the air keeps us engrossed. You will go higher and higher. Keep us enchanted for years and years to come.

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Maria Manias 16 November 2012

Hi Indranil, There is a great intensity in your poems, which can't help but move the reader. Maria Manias

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Bob Brown 27 October 2012

A poet slowly progressing to capture the minds and hearts of all readers, be it in free verse, be it in rhymes, be it something about love, be it sorrow, be it a social cause, be it words can go on... keep going ahead.

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Hemraj Koirala 26 October 2012

Poem is a beautiful mirror Image of life which are mirrored by the wave less lake of poet's inner self. The more you remain wave less the best poem you can write up. In that term Poet Indranil Bhaduri's inner self is totally free from waves. His poems are like the pieces of Rasagulla (Indian sweet) need not to read whole poem even small fragment is enough to refresh you.

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Ketan Hukare 23 September 2012


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Tapas Banerjee 31 December 2015

Excellent poems.. You are a great poet.

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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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Yash Shinde 16 March 2014

.......a beautiful poet who writes from his heart, and draws inspiration from every sphere of life, he revives light and ancient medieval themes through excellent of modern un-rhymed verse.....He has engrossed himself to poetry.....great- - - -Yash Shinde

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Rituparna Sen 09 September 2013

Simple words, great thoughts, intense feelings, negatives, positives, imagery, picturisation, free verse and rhyming as well, everything is present in your variety of poems and a very clear expression is unfolded in each piece. Marvellous.

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Roshni Patel 16 July 2013

Superb poems... Magnificent writing.

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A person engaged into the day to day life of employment with an educational background in Commerce, and taking a keen interest in listening to music, reading and writing poems on scattered subjects.Most of the efforts are in simpler language with a flow and imagery.

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