A Painter's Dream Poem by Indranil Bhaduri

A Painter's Dream

Rating: 4.3

It was midnight as I painted
The voluptuous figure of a long-haired woman,
Calmly lying on her death-bed with closed eyes,
Trying to remember her days of lost love,
With a cute smile on her face.
My coloured brush was sweeping on the canvas
As I heard an unknown tune of music,
Trying to speak to me in the hours of melancholy.
I questioned myself with a loud scream,
Seeking to know the painting's story,
Vigorously trying to reach the yellowish pages
Of the undefined epic that was in the making!
My search was in vain
‘Cause the answers never arrived,
As I splashed the colours
Like a lunatic soul, sinking in the days of anarchy!
Suddenly I heard the screech of an unknown bird,
Blurting out in agony,
Making me come to a standstill.
And then, I viewed in my dream canvas,
The real face of the dumb lass
Struggling in hard times to hold me tight,
Trying to embrace me once again
In her future birth,
Taking a silent oath to be together,
And thereby leaving a lonesome soul
During the grim hours of darkness
In this crooked world.

Copyright © 2012 Indranil Bhaduri

Yasmin Khan 12 July 2013

The dream is painted in dark and grim colours very poignantly.

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Cathy Pittillo 24 September 2012

I love the story you tell here. Something we all can relate to as writers. I believe every piece that pours out from our inner being are pieces of us in some way. The imagery here was simply fantastic! Thank you for sharing this piece.

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Ray Quesada 20 October 2012

I know when i comment on peoples' poems, if theres something in the poet or poem that truely moves me, it always seems to be something that reminds me of Kerouac, Huxley, Ginsberg, etc. -like a lunaitc soul, sinking in the days of anarchy...- that line totally reminds me of Ginsberg.......BUT, all that it proves is that you have the real heart of a poet - - - not just some part-time hobbyist poet - A REAL POET. great work. -R-

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Mimi Mata 09 November 2012

I added you to my favorites...You have a way of describing with multiple palettes, I taste, hear, feel and smell your poetry...Your words are areal part of your higher being...out of this world and on a plane only a few can touch...Marvelous 10++++

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Bethany M. 29 October 2012

I love this poem, very well constructed. I like the flow and the feeling of it as it builds to the end. Very enjoyable =)

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Florence L Chhangte 06 November 2015

Reminds me of the poem The Darkling Thrush

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Florence L Chhangte 06 November 2015

Reminds me of The Darkling Thrush

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Rajesh Thankappan 16 January 2015

So sad to see the love die a silent death! I also invite you to read my poem ' The painter's work' whenever you find time.

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Ramesh Rai 21 October 2014

A beautiful with soothing and imagery expression. Love your ink.10

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Amitava Sur 07 June 2014

A lovely imagery with the illusion......

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