Caterpillar Poem by Indranil Bhaduri


Rating: 4.8

I gazed towards the window
And found a caterpillar crawling,
With eager thoughts in my heart
I kept myself staring.
From where did it come
And what questions does it throw,
I dreamt of the Garden of Eden
As my soul wished to know.
A sparkling day was ahead
After the dark veil,
To transform a crippled life
From dead feelings to real,
I felt a heavenly fragrance
And lit up my somber mind,
A butterfly was in the making
Leaving all the gloom behind.
I expressed my budding joy
With passionate notes on the lip,
As the newborn wings of illumination
Thus brightened the broken ship.

Copyright © 2013 Indranil Bhaduri

Lauren A 08 September 2013

Beautiful poem :) I love how it starts with something simple as a caterpillar, then it becomes something so beautifully wonderful!

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Mini Sla 10 September 2013

A lovely topic and well expressed

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Valerie Dohren 20 July 2013

The caterpillar turns into a butterfly, a great metaphor for rebirth. An excellent poem Indranil.

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Tameeka Smith 05 August 2013

This is so beautiful.

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Walterrean Salley 06 August 2013

Beautiful poem Indranil. Very interesting and insightful.

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Pradeep Uthaman 31 March 2022

So beautifully written

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Edward Kofi Louis 28 March 2016

Budding joy! With the muse of life. Thanks for sharing.

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The poem in its beauty of creative writing have such good ideas and observational talents and so very nice.

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Rinki Nandy 07 January 2014

lucky caterpillar good write self congratulatory

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Shania K. Younce 05 October 2013

I fine that the poem has detail. I've enjoyed reading it. I hope you write all the things you wish to write. It is a good poem.

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