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Although I Try

Although I try
to hold the single thought
of Buddha's teaching in my heart,
I cannot help but hear

Watching The Moon

Watching the moon
at dawn
solitary, mid-sky,
I knew myself completely,

Although The Wind

Although the wind
blows terribly here,
the moonlight also leaks
between the roof planks

If The One I'Ve Waited For

If the one I've waited for
came now, what should I do?
This morning's garden filled with snow
is far too lovely

Plum Blossom

I cannot say
which is which:
the glowing
plum blossom is

Izumi Shikibu Comments

Fabrizio Frosini 25 June 2016

when it is said that Izumi Shikibu was one of the 36 'Poetry Immortals', it doesn't refer to The Thirty-Six Immortals of Poetry (????? Sanjurokkasen) - a group of Japanese poets of the Nara, Asuka and Heian periods selected by Fujiwara no Kinto as exemplars of Japanese poetic ability - , but to a second list of ''36'' ''Nyobo Sanjurokkasen'' (???????) , composed later, in the Kamakura period:

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Fabrizio Frosini 25 June 2016

- The Thirty-Six Female Immortals of Poetry: ''Nyobo Sanjurokkasen'' (???????) , composed in the Kamakura period, refers to thirty-six female immortals of poetry: Ono no Komachi Ise Nakatsukasa Kishi Joo Ukon Fujiwara no Michitsuna no Haha Uma no Naishi Akazome Emon Izumi Shikibu Kodai no Kimi Murasaki Shikibu Koshikibu no Naishi Ise no Taifu Sei Shonagon Daini no Sanmi Takashina no Kishi Yushi Naishinno-ke no Kii Sagami Shikishi Naishinno Kunai-kyo Suo no Naishi Fujiwara no Toshinari no Musume Taikenmon'in no Horikawa Gishumon'in no Tango Kayomon'in no Echizen Nijo In no Sanuki Kojiju Go-Toba-in no Shimotsuke Ben no Naiji Go-Fukakusa In no Shoshonaishi Inpumon'in no Tayu Tsuchimikado In no Kosaisho Hachijo-in Takakura Fujiwara no Chikako Shikikenmon'in no Mikushige Sohekimon'in no Shosho

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Fabrizio Frosini 24 June 2016

her diary, Izumi Shikibu Nikki, is one of the principal Heian court works and her poetic memoirs, Izumi Shikibu Shu, which exist in various forms, ranging from 647 to 902 poems, remains the most outstanding work by a single poet from the period.

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Fabrizio Frosini 24 June 2016

Her attitude to life and passion earned her the moniker of '' The Floating Lady ''. Shikibu’s passion comes across in her poetry of the time. The Diary of Izumi Shikibu covered a period of five years when she was having her affair with Prince Atsumichi and combined romanticism and eroticism with Buddhist philosophy. At the Imperial Court she had a rivalry with her sister who was also a poet and was praised for her short verses and their emotional power. This was the time when she wrote her most influential works that were published in later Imperial collections. Her poetry is characterized by great passion and the desire to choose her own romantic fate.

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Fabrizio Frosini 24 June 2016

Izumi Shikibu (?? ??) (976? – 1033?)

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Izumi Shikibu was a mid Heian period Japanese poet. She is a member of the Thirty-six Medieval Poetry Immortals. She was the contemporary of Murasaki Shikibu and Akazome Emon at the court of Joto Mon'in, and was perhaps the greatest poet of her time.

Izumi Shikibu was the daughter of Oe no Masamune, governor of Echizen. Her mother was the daugh ...

Izumi Shikibu Popularity