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I'm sitting alone on my throne of cold stone,
High up on the mountain top.
I'm sitting alone with memories to hone,
Where the sandstone dares to outcrop.

Enveloped in his cotton wraps
He rests his weary pate.
The day is used, the night is young,
Time, now, to meditate.

A lady I thought was a friend,
Rubbished the words that I penned.
She thought such a slur
Would be of profit to her.

Where do you go to Gypsy Rose,
When you retire to your bed?
Where do you go to Gypsy Rose,
What dreams play inside your head?

The old man sat in his fireside chair,
His old dog lay at his feet.
Silence, pregnant with regret.
Answers incomplete.

Daydreamers build castles way up in the blue,
And fill them with pictures that are never quite true.
A castle in clouds is a secret retreat,
Where hope for the future and fond memories accrete.


She was such a pretty child,
And so much loved her dad.
Her mum had died two years ago,
Each was all the other had.

Experiences, both good and bad
Help to character define.
You'll reflect on what you learned from them
Further on along the line.


You left me with a broken heart,
I wouldn't let the teardrops flow.
Although, inside, I fell apart,
I couldn't let it show.

We long to meet you, little pal.
The month of June is nigh.
A precious bundle born of love.
That, no-one can deny.


On a journey soon I must embark
And leave this land I love.
No more I'll see the hovering lark,
Or hear it's song above.

Searching deep within my soul
For that which I most miss.
The same answer keeps returning.
A lady's heartfelt kiss.

Ill health struck him down, he no more could cope,
A rapid downshift, to a slippery slope.
He's transferred to a box, of concrete and brick.
Windows and doors made of glass and plastic.

I've now grown used to traffic rushing past my door,
Don't notice now exhaust fumes, and combustion engines roar.
I'm getting used to adverts that bombard my picture box,
And junk mail pouring on the mat now seems so orthodox.

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'There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance- - that principle is contempt prior to investigation. - Herbert Spencer)

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A Rural Scene.

I'm sitting alone on my throne of cold stone,
High up on the mountain top.
I'm sitting alone with memories to hone,
Where the sandstone dares to outcrop.

I've sat here before, a thousand times or so,
Yet my pleasures are never the same.
It's what I adore, thrills me to the core.
Artistry, in a bucolic frame.

The vision I see, so vividly,
Portrays a hundred shades of green.
Rolling pastures, oak trees, the flowers, the bees.
It's a picture to bedazzle a queen.

The red kite hovers high, way up in the sky.
So graceful against it's backcloth of blue.
Magpies chatter away in the hedgerow all day.
And the bluebells blossom anew.

Skimming so low, where the wild orchids grow,
The swallows dart after their prey.
It's amazing, you know, that a kite fears a crow,
For the crow comes and sees it away.

The cattle graze lazily, down by the brook,
And my collie puts her head on my knee.
Beauty surrounds me, wherever I look.
I'm as happy as happy can be.

I reflect for a while with a sigh and a smile
On fond memories, of joys, and of cheers.
It‘s then, from my throne of outcropped sandstone,
I feel the music of the spheres.

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